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  1. Really, Look again. Their marketing is top notch because their product, is designed to suit it not the otherway around. Look not at the product but take a critical look at the product launches. The keynote presentations, the fixes after the fact, the fixes for the fixes that come out. Its constantly said they are better because they only have to produce for a small group of products, so why all the issues. It took six months for a patch to come out that fixed my wireless issue. If it was M$ the fix would have happened in a week. Going back to my analogue McDonalds markets their burgers, but is interested in owning the best street corners in the world. One suits the other. An Apple PC with windows on it is just another PC, pretty but no better.
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    Thanks Guys for the input. But in helping I think you have clarified my point even more. Its not simple or easier then say in windows. I bought my mac because I wanted to see the most advanced operating system in action, and on the whole I am happy with it. But so many things seem to take more effort not less. Printing for instance on anything other than plain paper takes at least 2 if not three more steps, (at least for me). I seriously miss the tree view that explorer gives me. Is there a way to add this in finder I would really love to know! I know its OSX is different, but couldn't it be better?
  3. I have been using OSX for over a year now and can't help but feel, thats its incomplete. Simple things like moving files, the lack of delete button. The fact that I have to manually quit programs for them to close properly irks me, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same impressions. Don't get me wrong this is not meant to be a indictment on the whole OS, but since I am accustomed to Windows and Linux as well. I feel that apple are neglecting the little things for the BOOM!! showstopper stuff. What do you think? Am I wrong? Or are there things that bother you?