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  1. Hi guys This is my very first post on this forum and also my first Hackintosh build. I got so much information from this site that I thought I should say thanks to everyone as I was a total newbie to this and share my experience back. The story.... I tried the ideneb 10.5.7 first just to get a feel for things. This installed ok but it needed a few tweaks with kexts. I then decided to jump in at the deep end and buy the Snow Leopard Retail Disk and use the chameleon-20-rc3-with-snow-leopard-and-large-disk-support, boot method. (big learning curve for me.....a few days later.....) Everything installed great, firewire and usb all worked, but I needed to sort the graphics card, sound & network. I got the graphics card going using a EFI string and everything seemed like it was working ok on the graphics side, but I had a few problems with software asking for Quartz Extreme. After a few days of trying to find out what was going on as everything looked like Quartz was enabled, I eventually removed the EFI string from the com.apple.Boot.plist and just replaced it with the following instead:- <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>y</string> That enabled everything on the Geforce 9800 GT and tada! no more software problems. The onboard Sound: I think this could have been sorted eventually but I had a Mac compatible USB audio interface which just worked straight away. So I use that. The onboard Network: I had a go but with no success, I read many articles and decided that the easiest thing to do was buy something that was compatible. I bought a Broadcom Dell PCI-E 1GB 5721 Network Card which amazingly just worked as soon as I plugged it in. So far the system has been perfectly stable and is running Final Cut Studio 3 with Snow Leopard very well. Yipeee! System: HP XW4600 Intel Q6600 Quad Core 8 GB Ram BFG NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT Tapco Link USB Audio Interface Dell - Broadcom 5721 Network card