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  1. I'm a worthless noob.

    Try setting the boot flag to "idlehalt=0 -v" and see if it still stalls. I had that little trick work on one of my laptops a while back. Its worth trying I suppose. Good Luck
  2. Thank you for this. It works perfect in 32 bit Snow for me. Keep up the awesome work!
  3. Is most of it working? My setup seems to be. The big exceptions are the (obvious) wifi, and I can't get the webcam to worked. It was fine with 10.5.8 with the IOUSB kexts, but not so much in 10.6. I'm not sure to the extent of the working ability of the card reader. But thats about all. Everything else seems to be in working order. Let me know if you have either of the two (Webcam or Card reader) working. I've been looking for a while for how to get them going. Worst part is that the webcam worked one time 10.6 was installed, but never again afterwords.
  4. With regards to SL, go here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=192141 I put a link there to a site which gave me success booting Snow. There are issues, but its a start. And the more people who can get SL booting, the more people who can try different things out.
  5. No problem If you get the sound, Ethernet or webcam working, let me know what you did. I have yet to get full performance from the graphics card (geforce 9600 gt) to fully work. It will display at the resolution I seton the com.apple.boot file but other than that, nothing. No QE.
  6. I got my dv7-1200 to boot up in SL with this: http://osx86.sojugarden.com/2009/09/myhack...0-rc3-released/ USB works and can run at full screen resolution. Achieved this through modifying my com.apple.boot for the graphics. I used the USB fix for 10.5.8 in it as well, although I'm not 100% sure if it was needed. A few issues are present. With my first install, the Webcam and with a kext, ethernet worked fine. With subsequent installs, I lost the usability of both and have yet to get them to work again. I have a vague idea why, but with a busy schedule, haven't gotten around to playing with it. Having issues with running a linksys WUSB54GC usb wireless device as well. On top of all that, sound is a no-go too. I got it all set up by restoring my SL disk to a partition on a separate HD, running the installer I linked and slightly modifying the com.apple.boot file as I said. Should work for you if it did for me. But as far as I've seen, this post is the first real confirmation that anyone has seen SL life on their dv7. Albeit, it's not all that helpful when it comes down to the numerous problems that I'm facing.
  7. Thanks for this, I used it to get leo working for the first time on my dv7-1200. Next stop, Snow...