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    Windows 7 SP1

    Hi there, Yes, try that, set Disk0 Partition 2 as Active, this should work if you have your Windows installed on C: (which it looks like you do since you have Boot on Disk0 Partition 2). After this is done, you can simply set your Chameleon partition active again through the same process. For mine it didn't work to do through the GUI, as Windows didn't recognize the OSX disk to be bootable. So I had to do it manually through diskpart. Hope this helps, please share your results... Best, -Proxin
  2. Proxin

    Windows 7 SP1

    HFW, Thanks for your response. I didn't install through BootCamp, I am on an HP laptop with Chameleon bootloader installed to tri-boot Windows, OSX, and Ubuntu... Will this still work then? Also, I am worried about what will happen if diskpart does not recognize my OSX partition. Since Windows cannot recognize OSX partitions, wouldn't it leave me stranded on Windows?
  3. Hey guys, I just tried to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 on my computer... I received an Error 0x800fa12. I read here that this error is caused by Windows not being the active partition. I do not want to set it as the active partition, though, because I have Chameleon working like a dream and am not sure whether it will work this well again. Has anyone with Chameleon gotten this to work, by setting Windows as the active partition, then doing the update, then setting it back to whatever it was before the operation? What should I do? Regards, Proxin
  4. Proxin

    Screenshot does not work

    Sweet. I will try this. Thanks
  5. Good morning (over here that is), I've always had trouble getting the Screenshot feature to work. I can hear the 'camera click' sound when I press command+shift+3, but no screenshot appears on my Desktop. Note: I don't have QE/CI working on my laptop. Could this be part of the problem? Can anyone help me fix this problem? Cheers, Proxin
  6. Proxin

    NTFS-3G, MacFUSE, or other?

    Can you differentiate MacFuse and NTFS-3G? I don't exactly know what each one specifically does.
  7. Proxin

    You know apple knows you pirated when...

    This is a funny thread. My laptop has an Apple sticker on it, I even sent it in for a hardware repair to HP once with Snow Leopard installed on a dual boot. I still chuckle at what the workers must have thought. I didn't get arrested or anything for that though. I think that part of the EULA is basically just to scare people from putting OSX on their Windows laptop and going to the Apple store to mess around with people. Like what they did here: Have you heard of anyone ever getting arrested or in trouble for jailbreaking their iDevices? If they crack down on that, they'll crack down on OSX86/Hackintoshers I think. I doubt both of those will ever happen though. Cheers, Proxin
  8. This used to work on my Snow Leopard install, but now doesn't. I can't get scrolling to work at all on 10.6.3. I installed it just as I usually would, but it doesn't work on this version - no scrolling. Has anyone else had this problem, and are there any fixes?
  9. Proxin

    NTFS-3G, MacFUSE, or other?

    So has anyone tried NTFS-3G then? And is this the same Paragon that is on Windows for editing partitions? If so, I have to say I hate that program >_>
  10. Hello, It's come to my attention that my Snow Leopard install is not able to write to NTFS. In past installs, I have used either NTFS-3G or MacFUSE, not sure which one. So now I ask you guys... which of these two programs is the best (read: safest and most usable) for gaining the ability to write to NTFS formatted partitions/drives? Or is it safest to just not do it at all? I've been told to stay away from both of these because they're unstable or something. Please discuss, as this is a subject that will probably be brought up many more times. I've searched but haven't found any clear precise topics of this specification. Cheers, Proxin
  11. Wow, you're right - this method worked SO well for me! Now, I don't just have native graphics on my 10.6.3 install, I can now see native graphics on the beautiful MyHack bootloader menu! This is very exciting. Thank you, sir, for telling me about this. To all who have this problem... click on Search and type in Deviato, the first link should do it.
  12. Proxin

    GMA4500 Solved Native Resolution!

    I'm staying on 10.6.3 and just hoping that someone can find a way to fix this...
  13. #3 I too have this issue, is there a fix?
  14. Proxin

    GMA4500 Solved Native Resolution!

    I tried this fix on 10.6.3, I now have native graphics but my mouse doesn't show up. The -cursor icon- shows up at the top left, but does not move with the mouse movement. I can see that the mouse is -working- because it highlights icons and clicks menu buttons correctly. Does anybody else have this problem?
  15. Thought this worked for me too, but when I "wake up" my Snow Leopard, I don't see the mouse. Sometimes the OSX error sound loops as well.