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  1. Thanks so much for the guidance. But I am a little lost. I can't figure it out how can I extract and patch a DSDT. Is that explained on the above url? Thanks again.
  2. I have Lion installed on an iMac and want to install the hackintosh on the following PC: Mobo: Abit IP35-E CPU: Quad Core Intel Q6600 Ram: 4Gb HDD: WD AAKS 320Gb Video: nVidia 9600 1Gb DVD-RW: LG The installation method I have tried was via an USB Stick 16Gb, can you point me out some files and what I need to build my own installer? Thanks a bunch. I owe you beers! PS: I have found the following DSDT FIle but I don't know how to add this to the usb stick. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1492 DSDT Abit IP35 - 10.7.x Yes
  3. Hi Partial and Gringo, Could you please help me out a little as I am lost trying to install Lion on my Abit IP35-E, seems that the lack of AHCI option in BIOS is causing this. What files do i need to use.. kexts etc. I am a noob in this respect and I have tried the ###### and iATKOS without any success. Thanks in advance.
  4. What is your bluetooth model ? Would like to purchase one as yours.
  5. Hey no one knows, why I get that KP? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...3720&st=20# Should I post more data? reef
  6. How can I fix this KP? reef
  7. Kernel panic. Any ideas why this shows up? Help reef
  8. I have installed a PS/2 kext and now on boot it hangs. How can i load Leopard and uninstall that driver? (Voodoo PS/2) Thanks a bunch, reef
  9. ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    Hi Everybody, I have an abit IP35-e mobo and the following screenshot shows my sound chipset. What should I install to work properly. Right now i am using voodoo 0.2.2 with pref pane and while i am playing movies in browser the sound is making a strange noise. So I think I havent installed the right kext. If needed i can record the sound noise and post it here attached. Help is very much appreciated. Thank you, reef
  10. @Arial I have an iMac and a PC. Only iMac has Snow Leopard installed. And I am trying to install it also on the pc. My PC configuration is the following: IP35-E, Q6600, Gigabyte 9600 1Gb, 1x Sata WD, 2x Sata WD AAJ, LG DVDRW IDE I have an external USB HDD 80GB (IDE) unfortunately it's not a SATA drive so I can't install on the fly and than plug it into my PC. Therefor, I will try the above method you explained using the Boot Think. I will come back later today with questions or screen shots if I manage to make it run. Please see the attached screenshots. (I am not sure what method/settings should I use to install BootThink) I have tried the following but it looks like its not working for me. It keeps restarting on boot. Help. Any suggestions ? Thanks a bunch, reef
  11. Hi everybody, Arial, thanks for your guide and all the time you put into building this. However, I am a noob and I don't understand exactly if I need to use the Snow Leopard DVD and build an image that uses your files and than install this from it. Or, this should be installed from OSX onto a second HDD? (will it work if it is a USB external drive?). Thanks, reef
  12. Is it possible to install on a IDE DVD Drive? As I have seen some patches for JMichron but I am not sure it allows to install it on IDE. Can anyone confirm or help me find a patch for this? Help! Thanks in advance.