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    ZBOX HD-ID11 install method?

    I've looked for weeks on the best way to install OSX on a ZBox HD-ID11 and all that i find is either outdated and i can't find the stuff needed or it's not completed/ unanswered. The problem i come across is after installing, i've successfully installed with Hazard's SL disc and as well as taking my retail disk and using Nawcom's ModUSB on it. But the only way to get it to boot is booting from the USB drive and picking the partition. I've tried installing Chimera, which actually recognizes the hardware as Nvidia ION which is good, it just goes to a black screen. I've tried every boot flag possible to get it off of the black screen. I also cannot find a kext that supports the ION fully. DSTDs are also very confusing and if someone could help me with that, if that's how i need to do it. It'd be much appreciated! My hardware specs: Intel Atom D510 CPU Intel NM10 Chipset Next-gen ION GPU if anymore info is needed let me know, thank you~