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  1. iTunes 7 - Politics

    already found it in another post: just had to delete all iTunes related files in /Library/receipts
  2. About This Mac Screenshots

    My AMD works excellently right now. I installed the JaS 10.4.6 image first, but with that I couldn't get further than 10.4.4. I upgraded to 10.4.6 with the Goatsecx image which now works fine. I have stereo sound, nice resolution, 3d acceleration, network, USB and SATA support. Firewire isn't on my mainboard, so I can't check. Three things are bad: - stability: when installing new applications, system often hangs - installing JaS 10.4.7 didn't go well (got only very strange artifacts shown on my screen) - iTunes 7 doesn't work and I can't go back to an older version because I can't get v7 off my system About_This_AMD.tiff
  3. iTunes 7 - Politics

    For me, Danilp trick didn't work (AMD64-SSE2). I downloaded iTunes 6.0.4 to revert to an older version that did work. But now I can't get iTunes off my system completely. That is, the installer of whatever iTunes version detects iTunes is already on my system and therefore tells me that there 'is nothing to install'. Does anyone have a suggestion how to install an older iTunes (or any) version?
  4. OsX86 finally all works

    Not good I did the abovementioned USB trick and guess what... no USB, VIAATA kext also corrupted and NO PS/2 mouse anymore. Now what?!?! No mouse is undoable in OSX. The only thing I can think of now is reïnstalling...
  5. Installing to USB harddrive

    I give up! There's no way I get to see the usb drive in the target selection menu in the OSx installer ;-(( This is really strange, because the same Installation disc and the same usb drive were no problem at all for my desktop AMD64 system. After imaging my internal drive on the USB drive, I'm going to give installation on the internal drive with a BootMagic a chance.
  6. Installing to USB harddrive

    My problem is exactly the other way around. I wan't to run OSX on my company laptop, which has strikingly similar hardware to the new MacBook. But since it's a companies, I can't install OSX on the internal harddrive. My AMD64 desktop system at home can install on, boot from and run nicely from my USB harddisk. My Toshiba (T2500) laptop seems to boot from USB, but the OSX installer can only see the DVD drive and the internal Harddisk, and NOT the external USB drive :-( Anyone any suggestion?
  7. ATi Radeon 9800 drivers?

    Hi Rammjet, since you are a Legend, do you have an idea why my 10.4.3 runs so slow (I can type 6 characters before the first one appears on my screen)? I have tried the speed-up tips of the osx86 wiki without success. (the JaS 10.4.6 doesn't run altogether)
  8. ATi Radeon 9800 drivers?

    To get a better resolution, you only have to edit the file /Library/Preferences/System Configuration/com.apple.Boot.plist. Open it with TextEdit and add the following: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280x1024x32</string> (or choose another resolution) You only have to make sure u are able to write to the specific folder by setting the user rights correctly for the folder and the file. Can u tell me how I can modify the kext for the 9700 to make my 9800pro run better? (my OSX now reacts like I'm running it on a pentium 1 :-(. I think because OSX thinks I only have 16Mb VRAM on VESA instead of 128 on AGP).
  9. Hangs after install, does not reboot!

    Sorry Tgrendel, I don't have the solution, just the same problem. Last week I tried a 10.4.3 version which installed and booted fine. That one just dn't run on normal speeds. It was dead slow. CPU was doing nothing... Today I tried the same DVD (the JaS 10.4.6). Installation went fine, but after reboot, I just see a blinking cursor in the left top of the screen. I set out to download the Goatsecx. See what that does. My system is: AMD64 - 2000Mhz (supports SSE2) 768Mb DDR400 (Corsair CL2.5) 200Gb Sata disk (not touched) + 80Gb Ata (installed OSX here) Radeon 9800PRO ASUS K8N-Deluxe (nForce3)
  10. Mouse/Keyboard Problem

    You have to have USB mouse and keyboard. PS/2 doesn't work. A PS/2 to USB converter worked for me, though. Does this solve ur problem?