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  1. mipao, thank you very very much for this boot cd, using it I was able to boot vanilla dvd setup (using -x switch) and install snow leo.. and then using the very same cd boot to newly installed os (also using -x) switch. There are still some issues i need to tackle (like no support for ps2 keyboard, 4850 card still not working without -x switch, cmos reseting, etc), but i think these can be solved using a bunch of kexts and a proper dsdt file (hopefully). Thanks again!! I will update this thread if any progress is made.
  2. Thanks for suggestion, yes i tried -x -x32 -f , not -s.. the question is if i boot successully using -s option .. does it mean my gfx setup is wrong After some minor changes to kexts now the last message i got is something like "device on slot slot--1"
  3. Hi, First of all here are my specs: CPU : Pentium Dual Core Exxx series (2500@3000 MHz 45nm) Mobo: GA-P31-DS3L (No AHCI) 4GB DDR2 2xSATA HDD 1xIDE HHD 1xUSB HDD Powercolor Radeon HD4850 I am running iDeneb (1.5.x) MacOSX without problems, however all Snow Leo 10.6 boot attempts have failed:( I've tried many different installation methods including installation from existing 10.5 system and Empire EFI using a retail disc. I've tried many different kext combinations.. all in vain Snow leopard freezes just before going into graphical mode... no error message is displayed, no panic, HDD seems to be detected, freeze occurs right after onboard Ethernet card is detected (or fakesmc message is displayed it depends on kexts i think).. the boot process stops... I think it is equal to 'gray apple screen' freezing. Due to the fact it happens just before alledged graph mode startup (comparing to 10.5 boot messages) i have a vague suspicion that it can have something to do with my radeon card... but thats just a guess. Are there any special preparations required to use HD4850 under snow leo hackintosh? I've wasted a lot of time using different kext combinations (tried like 10-15 times !!! ) without success... (same happens when booting retail dvd installation using empire efi)... Does anyone have similar issues? I would be verrrrrrryyy grateful for help as I've lost all my hope Any suggestions, hints are welcome.
  4. well It looks like an oversized iphone, I wonder whether Win7 tables would compete with it
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