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  1. Hi MadL0n I did some tests. I did a full reinstall of the latest 10.3.3 and because the nVidia driver needed to installed as last I decided to see if the intel UHD 630 was visible in MacX VC and it was. The check of VDADecoderChecker was failed with code -12473. When I installed the video drivers for the GTX1080Ti the video card displayed as render device shifted to the Nvidia GTX1080Ti. See below. So the difference is that your AMD RX580 won't show up keeping the UHD630 as render device. In my case the GTX1080Ti is displayed. read somewhere that the ig-Platform-id is related with how the system is configured. Intel only (0x59120000) or it needs to be (0x59120003). Is this maybe the problem? That the 0x59120003 needs to be something else? Cheers
  2. Which model exactly? Will this do? to replace my 1080ti?
  3. MalD0n, Do you only have integrated graphics installed or do you also have a nVidia discrete in your system? In the acX Video Converter Pro.app I see behind graphics: nVidia GTX1080Ti and I do see hardware encoding supported: yes. Does this mean that video encoding is done with the nVidia card or does it mean the intel is doing the job? (In older version you could explicit turn off encoding platforms to enforce another platform to be used if I'm correct). Cheers
  4. I see nVidia GT1080Ti only there so its not working correctly. Can you please look into my clover files if I mistyped or forgot something? https://we.tl/YQ2srimo5h Cheers!
  5. It looks different. @my IGPU@2 I have 2 times AppleGraphicsDeviceControlClient. Is that related with the amount ports? Thanks! How can I verify if Encode / Decode works ok with UHD630?
  6. Intel UHD Graphics appears visible under Hardware\PCI However VDADecoderChecker gives an error: GVA info: Successfully connected to the Intel plugin, offline Gen95 An error was returned by the decoder layer. This may happen for example because of bitstream/data errors during a decode operation. This error may also be returned from VDADecoderCreate when hardware decoder resources are available on the system but currently in use by another process. VDADecoderCreate failed. err: -12473 I tried a Bootarch "shikigva=12" but no difference and causes iTunes to crash, "shikigva=4" no difference and iTunes stable. Thanks! P.S. the wake from sleep is solved... you never believe it... I had always used the equipped Dell cable. This was a Displayport to Mini DisplayPort Cable. I swapped it for a DisplayPort to Displayport Cable and wake from sleep is working... This is so terrible stupid but I'm so glad I found the issue! Celebrated to soon ... Sometimes it still doesn't wake it looks cable related because with original I can't wake at all. The older cable does... sometimes...
  7. Thanks Mald0n! Can you tell me briefly what has been optimised compared to the situation before your additions? Also, I still have a problem with the wake from sleep. When it wakes from sleep the hack is alive but the Dell P2715Q 4K screen fails to display anything and enters soon to power safe mode. I have to reboot the hack again in this situation. I read a lot of this issue and I disabled sleep but I really interested in a sleep / awake fix if there is any. It has to do with the DisplayPort 1.2 if I remember correctly. Can you possible fix this? Does the HD630 of the 8700K maybe help when its added to the hack? At this moment its disabled and runs it on discrete graphics only.
  8. Results after replacement with your files https://we.tl/7LYJZvOz9R Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi MaLd0n, Recently I build this new setup, which was basically founded of my previous system (6700k). So I think a lot can be optimized. I'm missing DSDT and SSDT patches. Most is arranged in clover with the appropriate paches. The problem I have is that the system gets slow after a while. Especially the graphics are lagging (I'm aware of the poor Nvidia dirvers so I rolled them back already). So I hope you find optimisations to speed up the system and also a good staring point for future hacks because I'm not planning any upgrade next coming years. Can you please look into my upload if you can find some errors / optimisations? Hans-Beast-Hackintosh-i7-8700K.zip Thanks!
  10. Pluskat5000Schiffe

    High Sierra Boot Problem

    I had this too... I thought I resolved it with just add the proper Lilu.kext (1.1.7) and nVidiagraphicsFixup.kext (1.1.3) but also another one... NVWebDriverLibValFix.kext (1.0.0) lululululu.zip
  11. Gents, I have one minor issue left with my hack. My skylake 6700K using a Nvidia GTX980Ti works perfectly. I have a black screen issue after wake from sleep. After trying a lot of things I found out it had to do with my 4K screen. It seems that monitors using DisplayPort 1.2 have an issue even on real Macs. So I have to disable sleep in power management settings. I can live with that. I do have one other issue. When I don't use the system, lets say I walk away for 5-10 minutes for a cup of coffee, when I come back my system is really slow. You can see it already to the screensaver which is really slow. Using the mouse logging into the system works but to resume to the same responsiveness it takes a second of 10 - 20. Do any of you guys had the same issue and is there a fix? Cheers Han
  12. Pluskat5000Schiffe

    Asus Maximus VIII + 6700K ACPI 100% only a few ACPI errors

    Thanks Mald0n nice to meet you again here in my topic. So you are saying "just live with it, although its not clear what those errors mean, they are noticed on linux platform too. There is no reason this will cause instabilities".
  13. Hi I have a few ACPI errors left. It looks they are not related to OEM SSDTs. My InsanelyMac Friend MFC88 helped me tremendously and I like to thank him for support however we don't know how to fix these errors. The attached screen picture gives a error in ACPI like: ERRORS ON AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT \_SB_.INUM, \_SB_.PCI0.I2C1.TPL1._INI \_SB_.GADR \_SB_.SHPO \_SB_.PCI0.SPI1.FPNT._INI \_SB_.PCI0.UA00.BTH0._INI (BLUETOOTH?) \_SB_.PCI0.SPI1.FPNT._CRS \_SB_.PCI0.UA00.BTH0._CRS (BLUETOOTH?) \_SB_.EPC_._STA \_SB_.EPC_._CRS I hope somebody has a clue how to fix these errors. Attached EFI / CLOVER without themes. SMBIOS 17,1 Skylake 6700K (PCI Graphics only = Asus GTX980TI Strix) CLOVER.zip
  14. Pluskat5000Schiffe

    [Guide] Sierra / High Sierra on ASUS Z170M PLUS / DSDT

    MFC Thanks and sorry for late reply! I didn't pay attention to this topic because I was already happy with the macMini solution. I'm happy to see your respons with a lot of new possible fixes and explanations. I will start with your suggestions tomorrow evening 23:00 CET ;-) I ran the AGDPfix already but I have a MacBook Pro retina here with an untouched AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext I will replace it. What about pmset? Do I need it to revert it to defaults? Its now quite different on MacMini compared to iMac. Maybe one of the reasons it works now (Wake). Do you have a precompiled AppleIntelInfo.kext? Can I leave the existing 4 SSDT's in there or do I remove them and start only with the two you provided (DTDT and one SSDT)? hibernatemode 0 womp 1 networkoversleep 0 sleep 0 (sleep prevented by applet) Sleep On Power Button 1 ttyskeepawake 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage disksleep 10 gpuswitch 2 displaysleep 0
  15. Pluskat5000Schiffe

    Skylake sleeps but display keeps turning off after resume

    try macmini 6,2 smbios. It solved my Skylake issue. See attached picture. Difference in MacMini with my iMac 17,1 or iMac 14,2 Sysdef was the difference how sleep is presented. On Macmini you see 2 different sliders instead of one when you use iMac SysDefs. I don't know if it has something to do with it but its a difference.