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  1. Graphic Driver things are changing much on linux platforms: KMS is a must for all drivers and now there is a new layer on which developer should build accelerated drivers (Gallium3D). So RadeonHD has been merged in the "old" ati driver, in order to get KMS support and go ahead for gallium support. I don't have a new HD card, so I can only try to upgrade the driver without the possibility of doing tests. And blind programing is not easy...
  2. Don't confuse multihead with xrandr, that's the way a driver communicates with X for doing multihead stuff (xrandr it's a protocol). All the code for handling output is *in* the driver. But Linux driver handle multihead using a single driver instance, while with OSX we have to use it in multiple instances of RadeonHD class, one for every head (injecting "fake" devices at startup). It's really complex, I know...but I want to give it a try. Instead, porting the new linux driver is a PITA, since the driver is changed very much from our release, and we have modified a lot the source code to use it. Btw, it all matter of time we can spend on this project Bye
  3. Evergreen support has been pushed in master a month or two ago. I don't ever know if there is a stable linux driver version that support evergreen cards (with stable I mean "released"). I know we should upgrade the linux driver version, but consider that we all busy in our real life, so working on this project can be hard (at least for me). If I have time to spend on radeonHD driver, then I'll definitely try to add multi-head support, 'cause I need it. Bye
  4. Hi to all, I just updated the kext on the googlecode site. No more KP now (I hope!). From my tests, all cursor are displayed correctly now (i.e. the Adobe suite works great). You can download the new kext here: Kext with working 2bit cursors I'll ask to Dong to update the topic. Bye
  5. You should search in the forum your laptop model, maybe you can find something useful. Any kind of hardwarehas specific problems, so you should check for your. Did you looked at this http://netkas.org/?p=284? Bye Thanks Link, any help is well accepted, and testing is accepted too! For the mouse problem: I found the problem, but I didn't found a solution yet. At the moment I'm fixing the driver in order to draw the last cursor when the problem occurs, so we can have at least a wrong cursor instead of nothing. I'll post here any news. Bye
  6. I'm happy to see the kext is working good. The mouse problem is on my TODO list...but it's hard to find. I'm preparing my wife real MacBook to do a dual machine debug, maybe I'll find something Bye
  7. Randr is the way xorg handles multiple heads and screen transformation. OS X is totally different doing it. The mouse problem is related to the hardware cursor, randr is not related at all. Bye I've updated the code on google code, and uploaded a new version of the kext in the download section. This kext is working good here with sleep and wake lighting fast (I have a Radeon Mobility X1400). I have to thanks Semantics for his help on making sleep/wake working on my laptop... You can download it here: RadeonHD Kext For who is testing: if the kext doesn't work, maybe your card is not fully supported by the version of the radeon linux driver or that some other kext are giving problems in the sleep/wake process. Check it out. The big problem is that PM in the linux driver is not so well documented, so I'm guessing how it works from the code (and trust me, is not easy). Waiting the return of Dong for a possible linux driver update, I want to explore the backlight and its integration with the OS X system... Stay tuned!
  8. Ok, here I am. I found a bug in the switch code for the wake procedure, so test the new kext and let me know. If it doesn't work, please reply and attach the result of cat /private/var/log/kernel.log | grep RadeonHD Bye P.S.-The kext is compiled in 64bit, although it still doesn't work in 64bit RadeonHD.kext.zip
  9. Yes, the backlight problem is in the radeon kext at 100%. Sorry for the delay, but I don't have much time to spend on this project, I do it in my spare time, that is very few! Right now I'm packaging a new version with some log that can help me to solve this problem. Stay tuned Bye
  10. I really don't know. Maybe is an issue with the touchpad driver. I don't have this problem here using the PS2 Voodoo Trackpad I know, and I think I already fixed it. Try the attached kext. I know, this bug should be investigated. Bye RadeonHD.kext.zip
  11. The new kext has basic support of PM, so now the driver handle wake, suspend and doze events. The fan issue should not be fixed, through you can try enabling lowPowerMode in Info.plist: this should initialize PM for your video card, but is still experimental, so... To fix all PM problems, we should try to upgrade to a newer version of the linux radeonHD driver. No. This kext has nothing to do with QE. This is a framebuffer driver, so gives you basic 2D features for your card. For QE you need a new driver for acceleration. My card (X1400) is using the native Apple Radeon1000 for example. Bye
  12. Sorry, I didn't tried the kext in 64bit mode, since I have some kext 32bit only and I can't boot in x86_64. I'll remove those kext and try RadeonHD in 64bit and I'll report result here. In the meanwhile, please try with the attached kext, because I'm not sure of compilation flags in the latest one. Bye RadeonHD_snowleo_10.6.kext.zip
  13. And remove ATISupport.kext and ATIFramebuffer.kext. Sometimes those kexts conflicts with others. bye
  14. Tested on my Thinkpad R60 (Radeon X1400) and works fine. Thank you very much. A question: my LCD doesn't switch off on sleep and using energy save configuration. Is this a graphic driver problem, or is an ACPI related issue? Thank you very much