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  1. One of the key "issues" with your statement over the Government giving out aid to other countries, is that you probably don't understand how the U.S twists this around to benefit themselves. Most of the "aid" that the U.S gives out to countries is only considered "aid" by America. alot of the stories and cases you can read regarding this topic is found on the Amnesty International Homepage. Americans tend to give aid, yes, this is true, but almost always aid that only benefits America, be it adding new computers or better working conditions for some over seas country, but the main export of said country is XXX item America needs. Alot of the Cases by Amnesty and some other organisations over these are of a great read, and I personally found them quiet interesting. I agree with you on this: America's Government being one of the best-- this is true, no matter how you look at it, no matter what your opinion is on America, hate or love, this is just true. America is the most successful, the most defended, and the most welthy country be it government and citizen alike. This does not happen with a poor government system like say, China, where they actually make more money than America, but most of the citizens are fairly poor and live lifestyles which are much harder and stressful than the average americans. One thing that has always gotten to me, personally as a Canadian, is that so many people seem to have something agaisnt Americans when really the Americans have done nothing to those people. America has flawed, but so has everyone.... America may have gone the wrong way about alot of things but they have done more for this world than anyone else has, and that is for sure, the destructive by-product of war and technology is un-avoidable, and we are ALL to blame, not just America. As a Canadian, I tend to dislike America on some points, one being that they seem to always under estimate us, and never respect the Canadians for who we are, Canada is, in my eyes, the very best Country in the world. You cannot beat the lifestyles we live, you cannot beat our air, our water, our citizen-security, our kindness or our beauty. The only thing Canada really lacks is War-Security, and in a way, we really don't need it, The only people who will ever consider invading or going to war with Canada is America over our water and land--and quiet frankly I doubt the world would ever let them get away with that. --My thoughts Lan
  2. OSx86

    This topic is a very hard one to come up with a right answer, and I believe that the way things are, the only entity that can really decide wether or not this is "right or wrong" is apple. You can banter and babble on and on about pros and cons for either side of the debate, but when you get right down to it, we are stealing, no matter what level it is on, we are still stealing. The argument of "Well, we wouldn't of bought a mac anyway" can also be interpreted differently, depending on who the interpreter is; You can see it as a benefit to Apple because people will find they like to get a Mac, when otherwise they would not. However, there is also this interpretation; would you go to the mall you can try on some clothes to see if you like/suit you, but you cannot keep them, and use them freely, that is theft, that is not right. If apple wanted you to be testing out their OS before you buy it, then they will offer such a thing, otherwise they do NOT wish to have their product being used for free, and you are in the wrong--end of story. The problems that arise here do not involve money, quiet frankly Apple probably doesn't give a rats a$$ wether or not we use OSX in a profit gain/loss sense, but the fact that their hard work is being used for free, when it is their product and are entitled to a payment for the service or goods they provide, regardless of wether you would buy it or not if you had the chance to.
  3. Apple store for Education provides the best deals on the Mac books for students, but I'm sure you can get better offers at other places if you're not a student.
  4. Greetings, Looking for some advice.

    Thanks alot Rammjet, that answers anything I need, I've never used a wiki on a site like this before, but as I can see thanks to you everything one could ever need to know is there, thanks alot again, appreciate it. Lan.
  5. Well, sorry for the sort of demanding first post here on these forums, seems like a great place, and I really want to get my hackintosh up and running ASAP. I have a semi-old(Being under a year, but still not up-to-date Dell Inspiration 6000 Laptop, @1.6Ghz, 1gig ram with the Intel Extreme Video card it came with, I can get more specific statistics if they're needed but i'm just wondering, to be blunt, can this machine run OSX86 resonably well? I own an Ibook, but Ive been using it for work only recently and I've wanted to use the dell as a hobby laptop, but It still needs to run well in order for me to be satisfied, I am willing to work to get it to be so, however I'd like to check in with people who have actually done this before I risk wasting time on something that just isn't worth doing. Kind regards, and thanks for those who take the time to read, regardless if you post any help; Lan.