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  1. Hi Guys, I am using iatkos v7 on Thinkpad T61, xcode works iphone sdk works, I can compile and run any iphone samples and everything works in iphone simulator. The only problem I have is that it doesn't hit any breakpoints... I read and try anything available on google but no help... Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I installed successfully iatkos v7 on my T61 with Nvidia NVS 140, for wifi I am using Netgear WG111v3 Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter and it works very good, for sound card any USB should work out of the box. I am able to work on iphone apps in Simulator I didn't get a membership so I didn't try on real device... However I am having some issues with breakpoints XCode doesn't hit any and I don't know why still... Could be some build configuration, but everything else works very good...
  3. I installed iATKOS v7 on my T61 and trackpoint (ultranav) was working in installer but not after install. I have used voodoops2 http://chameleon.osx86.hu/articles/voodoo-team-proudly-presents-voodoops2controller for keyboard and touch pad but NOT FOR ULTRANAV and I need it badly... I am using Thinkpads mostly because trackpoint and keyboards... If anyone made ultranav works let us know.