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  1. I have a P55-UD3R with Pioneer BDR-205 Bluray burner. With the new Chameleon RC4 + patches I have autosleep working now (without kernal panics or random disc errors). I plugged the bluray drive into the gigabyte SATA port and set it as an IDE device. Not sure if this helped or what, but now it works. Make sure you use the new Chameleon RC4 off Tonymac's blog (the one with all the fixes). Now in my extra's folder I just have fakesmc and jmicronATA. Running stable OC to 3.2 BLK 160 core i5. Hope that helps somebody.
  2. Thanks for all the info. Looks like the Bluray drive problem may be related to my specific model then. I'll try out that script and see how it works. I have pretty much the exact same setup as you, but sleep works fine for me (now) using RC4. I also don't have the PlatformUUID because I added that information into my boot.plist and seems to work well for me. It seems that there are so many variables in getting sleep to work that once you have it working so well, probably shouldn't change anything! I also switched to iMac11,1 and now seem to have speedstep and turbo enabled (which wasn't using the MacPro4,1). However, still don't really see any performance or temp difference (if anything, it almost seems my temps are higher now). GB scores of about 8800 still with the i5 overclocked to 3.36 running 1600 ram.
  3. It's the Pioneer 12x burner, forget the model number right now. Burns DVDs fine, but haven't tried Blu-ray yet, but supposedly it works well to overburn on a bunch of 4x media. Anyway, I haven't yet found a solution it, right now I just have to restart to use the DVD drive if it's been on for a while. I've found other threads with people having the same issue, but it seems that it was solved by unclicking the turn hd to sleep option off in power pref. Now that sleep works, my shut down or restart doesn't! lol. Never should have installed that logitech driver! Did you enable speedstep by the way? I'm using the DSDT straight from tonymac's website, but not sure if it's worth enabling speedstep as I thought I saw in some posts that it didn't actually decrease power utilization but lead to minor drops in GB scores.
  4. Yeah I'm not sure putting the DVD drive in the Gigabyte ports have done anything actually. I still have that error that occurs after a while when the HD's go to sleep. You didn't get that at all with any of your DVD drives? (I would hate to have to get rid of mine, I actually bought a 12x blu-ray burner so a little pricey. I maybe will try to put it back to the P55 SATA ports and see how it goes. I have 5 SATA HD's hooked up already so I didn't mind moving it off the P55 ports since I may need to add a few more HDs soon. However, I got rid of all logitech drivers and SLEEP WORKS AGAIN! Never again will I use their drivers. Will look into USB Overdrive. Also bought a mac usb keyboard and may just use that again as this wireless keyboard still has a little lag.
  5. I was only using the Gigabyte SATA for the SATA DVD drive. I get this error after a while and the drive won't work and it won't eject. I used the Gigabyte SATA to use it as IDE emulation but that enabled my sleep to work bette (before this whole logitech mess which is still not resolved), but it still don't let my SATA DVD drive work well. I just have to re-start the computer every once in a while to get it to work again. How did you get your DVD drive to work well? Especially after sleep? I've tried the disable HD sleep option (cause I've read that was what is causing the issue), but that doesn't seem to help. Will keep searching for these logitech drivers!! ERGH
  6. Yeah I have it all checked off. However I only have two options there (not three). I haven't updated the BIOS recently. The only thing that changed was that I changed to a wireless logitech keyboard (dinovo mac edition) and don't have the usb wired mac keyboard. I had to install a logitech pref panel (which I've since uninstalled). But basically after that, sleep has never worked, but before that, everything worked perfectly. Any other thoughts?
  7. I'm having a bit of problems with sleep that hopefully someone can help out with. I have 10.6.2 installed via Tonymac's boot CD on P55-UD3R without problems. Previously I had sleep working perfectly after I changed my SATA DVD drive to the gigabyte port and used the IDE emulation in the bios. This worked for a few days without problems. However, now EVERY time it goes to sleep it wakes up with a crash. I've tried reinstalling the 10.6.2 combo update, and then all the kexts and dsdt over again. That didn't help. Rebuilt everything with Onyx, that didn't help. Can't seem to reach that perfect place I had a few days ago. Usually the crash is related to MangedClient app or iCal helper. But I don't think their the actual ones that's causing the problem. One difference I do notice is that in my energy save preference pane, I on only have two options (put HD to sleep, and allow power button to put the computer to sleep). The third is now missing. Any ideas what I should try next (short of reinstalling everything)? Thanks so much for help!!
  8. I'm definitely not an expert at this, but I believe the i5's can go up to 76 C. I'd say idle temps in the 30s should be ok. 40-50 with activity is not too bad if it's not constantly there I think, but as I said I have really limited experience with this. I have a Noctua cooler that works great and is quiet. I think water based coolers would be better but I wanted something simple. But my idle temps are in low 30s high 20s with clock speed of 3.4 running at 200 blck. I also have two fans directly on the noctua cooler, and then an additional two fans just cm's away pulling more air out. I have a cool master scout case which has pretty good vent. Also, I spoke to soon in the DVD issue. While sleep works now, when the HDs get put to sleep the DVD drive still goes out. Not sure how to solve that one yet. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
  9. Ok, I actually have everything working now. So for those on P55-UD3R with SATA DVD drive, just plug the sata drive into the gigabyte SATA port. In the bios setting, set it so that those ports are read as IDE drives. Once that is done, it should all work without problem. I can even sleep perfectly now, with no KP so far! All this is with overclocked i5 at 3.4 ghz ram at 2000mhz with temps in low 30s without speedstep. Most of my info was gathered through tonymac's website. DSDT file was also used from there without modification. Hope that helps someone.
  10. No absolutely not. Now that it's on the gigabyte SATA, it's not even detected at all. I have the jmicron kext in my extra's folder. Anybody have a solution to this SATA DVD drive thing? I'm leaning towards rebuilding my own dsdt completely as maybe the one I downloaded from Tonymac is with a different bios version. I'm also using a SLIC 2.1 patched bios, so don't know if that matters.
  11. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    I have a XFX 4890 and it works perfectly without the ATIROM. Just have graphicenabler in the PC EFI 10.5 enabled and the exotic package installed. Otherwise, I went straight to a 10.6.2 installation from tonymac's guide. Dual monitor support works fine as well. Maybe the exact model of XFX 4890 also makes a difference.
  12. So just another few updates. I can confirm that my XFX 4890 works perfectly with dual monitors (via DVI). The model I bought was HD-489X-ZSFC. All it requires is Netkas's exotic patcher plus graphics enabler on Chameleon. However, other issues I've realized. 1). Sleep doesn't work no matter what I try. In fact, even in Windows 7 sleep doesn't work. My computer will just go to sleep and whenever it wakes up it reboots automatically. I thought maybe this was related to my overclock, but even at default settings it does the same thing. So maybe it's just a faulty motherboard or something? 2). I bought a blu-ray burner Pioneer BDR-205. I do get some issues with this so I'm not sure if it's the specific model or something with my setup. It's SATA hooked up to the P55 chipset. It seems like when I first start-up the computer, it works fine, but after a while (maybe when my other HD's go to sleep (I have 5 HD's hooked up to the P55 chipset), then it stops to work. If I try to eject any dvd in there, it will tell me that the disc is not readable. So I can't eject through disk utility, toast, or any other method until I restart the DVD drive. I've tried turning off the "put hd to sleep" option in the energy saver, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I know there were a few threads on this a while back, but not sure how it was solved. Next I'm going to try to gigabyte ports to see if that helps. But if any of you have comments on either of these problems I would definitely appreciate it!
  13. Do we need the JmicronATA.kext if we dont' use any IDE devices?
  14. Yeah I set everything to enabled and have HPET to 64 bit mode. What about the S3 state? I think there are two options for that, which one did you set it to? Regarding the OC'ed to 3.4, just have my cpu multiplier at 21 with the blck at 160. Else, I set the PCI frequency manually to 100, then have memory voltage set manually to 1.5. You also must set all the advanced cpu functions to enabled (not automatic), I too was having the low GB scores. And once that is done, you must make sure you have a correct smbios.plist. I tried running GB without smbios.plist in the extra's folder and had scores of 4000s. Now it's 8800s and haven't had a single kernal panic (except when I try to sleep which is a different story). That's all kinda off the top of my head for now, but that's how I resolved the low GB score without the NullCPU. No, I mean from the entry in the FakeSMC 2.5 page FakeSMC 2.5 November 20th 2009 Posted to FakeSMC New features: Reworked 3rd party patch for reading cpu temps, now kext does it on demand, not in loop. You can use Istat to monitor cpu temps, default tjmax value is 100, you can adjust it Info.plist, works only for intel’s core 2/core i7. http://netkas.org/?p=338 I see CPU A/B in iStat, but I don't think it's accurate because when I go into BIOS or windows 7, I get temps of 20s on idle, and in SL I get temps of 40s. And then when I use the http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/19994 Temperature Monitor software, my temps are in the 300000s or something like that.
  15. I thought the on the Netkas site he states it only works with core 2 and core i7. I get the 2 cpu temp readings on istat pro, but I don't think it's accurate. when i boot in the bios or into windows, the temperatures for the cpu are lower by like 20 c. and when i use some other mac monitoring software, i get temps like 3000 c. Have you tried comparing temps to you bios readings or with windows software?