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  1. **MaT**

    Quad Core Video Editing

    cool. I was looking at a bad axe 2 but the prices are over $400 NZD to get. At the moment I'm a student so those arent really prices I can afford. But hopefully once my course finishes I'll be able to afford a nice system. Audio is also quite important although I do have a Presonus Inspire 1394 I could use for audio ins and outs. "Woah!" - Crash Bandicoot
  2. **MaT**

    Quad Core Video Editing

    cool. lots of info there. that helps with parts selection. Cheers Guys
  3. **MaT**

    Quad Core Video Editing

    Awesome. Thanks heaps for the reply.
  4. I'm looking to build a quad core hackintosh system to be used with osx86 and final cut studio. Would really like some recommendations for parts to buy for compatibility and performance. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Mat
  5. Hi all. I was just wondering if leopard comes with software to make use of intels virtualisation technology? Cheers
  6. **MaT**

    MSI 915PL Neo-V + CELERON D 2.66

    i have the same motherboard. I have everything working fine.
  7. **MaT**

    New xserves have x1300

    Anyone have any ideas or comments about getting an x1300 working with JaS' 10.4.7. Would I need the kext's from an xserve system? Cheers Guys **MaT**
  8. I was having a look at the new quad xeon xserve machines and noticed that they have an inbuilt ati x1300 graphics chip. Would anyone be able to source the kexts from these machines to work with 10.4.7 JaS? Any help with this would be appreciated.
  9. **MaT**

    Best performance please?

    Look for the applehwsensor.kext this is a similar thing. Delete it.
  10. when it comes up with boot options at the beginning press f8. then type in "platform=x86pc" see if that helps
  11. I have the system shown in my sig. I have seen a couple of different of methods to get this type of card working and am just wondering what people have found to be the best method. Any and all suggestinos welcome. Cheers **MaT**
  12. **MaT**

    Single boot HFS+ Partition Error

    Have you tried installing to a completely blank drive? So use a windows 98 or xp install disk to re-partition it to one partition and then use the install disk. Make sure you choose the jas patches when you install. I forgot this the first time and ended up having to do it all over again . Also make sure the drive your installing from is set to master as this can cause all sorts of problems. Cheers Mat