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  1. i5 3570k Mountain Lion

    Thanks for all of you, i m going to try and post the results.
  2. i5 3570k Mountain Lion

    Thanks for your attention, Im preceeding to do this but afterwits, what distro or retail y have to use?
  3. Hi guys, i m trying to find the best way to instal a MacOs in my new custom made PC. I have another succeded experiences with another PCs but i cant find the way with that one. Can you Hel me? Intel i5 3570k Asus P8z77m Pro 2x 2gb Patriot G series Sector 5 Thanks You
  4. HP G42 460br

    Thanks for the tips, i m going to try and see. I try with busratio=19 witout cpus=1 How can i find a Lion distro or something Thanks Ominmusico
  5. HP G42 460br

    Hi! can you help me with this laptop. HP G42-340BR Intel i5 460M intel HD graphics i ´ve tried with all distros without succes, only iatkos allows me to install with busratio=19 but when it finish the apple appeas an reboot again and again. Is there any support for this processors? Pleeeease help me!! Thanks Omnimusico
  6. nobody helps? waiting for root device

    Obviusly the anser is already in the forum, but this is the anser for , what can i do with this still waiting for root....My qustion is , what can i do if i tryed it all, is there somenthing that i didn t try?
  7. Hi i have open another topics in spanish and english looking for help for leopard installation.i have installe it in intel based pcs but now trying to install in amd its kindly impossible for me. I have installed XxX_X86, Itakos, Kalyway, iDeneb, Leo4all... all with the same results.Automatically reboots after boot0=mbr or boot0=error, or in better cases, "still waiting for root device".I change ide from master to slave, truy to "rd=diskXsY".And try also different kernels but i dont know if just picking the kernel into de installation menu is already installed or just included in the hard disk for futures changes. This is my third message in this forum and didnt receive any replies or help.Please hel me i just need a way to follow, a little hope of solution. Ecs GeForce6100pm-m2 Athlon X2 4600+ Drive & Hd "IDE" Omnimusico
  8. Por favor ayuda con geforce6100pm-m2

    Aaah... bueno por lo menos me voy enterando de algfuna cosa.Te explico, el error es siempre despues de instalar y me a pasado con cualquiera de lso kernel que he elegido. POdrias indicarme cual es el procedimiento entero q tengo q hacer una vez que lo isntalo? Porque una vez q instalo no puedo entrar ni al darwin para tipear nada... gracias Omnimusico
  9. Por favor ayuda con geforce6100pm-m2

    Antes de arrancar el darqind dice boot error y reinicia y lo mismo y vuelve a reiniciar y asi , y asi...
  10. Por favor ayuda con geforce6100pm-m2

    Ya he instalado leopard en otra maquias con mother y micros basados en intel, pero estoy trantado de isntalar en esrta con amd y no le encuentro al vuelta y encuentro casi nada de informacion en la web.POr favor alqguin podira darme una ayuda con esto? El mother es un geforce6100pm-m2 con chipset nvvidia mcp61, el micro athlon 64 x2 4600+. Tengo discos sata e ide y he probado todas las distribuciones conocidas de hackingtosh y probe cambiando el kernel y demas yerbas y siempre el mismo "Boot error". Alguna suerencia?
  11. Hi , I have installed leopard sucesfully in intel based mobos and procesors but, i m trying to do it in this motherboard without succes. Can You help me? I run the installation but when ih have to boot says boot error and do nothing more. Ecs Geforce6100pm-m2 Athlon 4600+ NVidia MCP61 chipset Thanks Omnimusico