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  1. Hi I have an HP Probook 4530s that works perfectly with the dictation feature in Mountain Lion. On the other hand, I have 2 desktops with ML that absolutely won't translate voice into text. What might the problem be? In the Dictation & Speech control panel in system Preferences, I choose the microphone input source. There are several possible, and in sound preferences, I choose the right one there as well. Nothing has worked. The microphone shows a graphic that indicates signal being received. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Pandar
  2. Hi I have a gigabyte board that has alc889a. I want to update to Lion. I see the post for enabling audio for alc889a, and did the download, but I am no good using the terminal. Can I use kext wizard to install the kext. Copy and paste the 2 files into the resources folder, and then run permissions repair? Please email me at garrsk@gmail.com Thanks Stefan
  3. Hi d00d I have a GA-X58A-UD3R rev 1, so I don'y have the ethernet problem. I have a friend who would like me to build him one of these machines, however, so I'm real interested in knowing if there is a working 64-bit ethernet solution. I notice that nobody had responded to your query... If you learn anything more about this, or get any private feedback, would you please let me know. I also don't know if there are any other disadvantages to the rev 2 board. have they made any improvements that are relevant to OSX? I followed your thread quite a bit even though I haven't built with quite the same board. You've done some amazing work. my machine runs great but I still haven't found a way to get internal audio to work. I'm not really very concerned because I use a professional FireWire audio interface anyway, but still I'd like to have the solution. I'm also not happy with the thermal performance of my machine. Can you offer any guidance on the subject? regards, Pandar
  4. snowy58

    problems with Silverlight..

    well, I found a way to change the processor name displayed in "About This Mac" Go here: /System/Library/CoreServices/Rescources/English.lproj/AppleSystemInfo.strings change "Unknown" to whatever you want. Silverlight still sees my machine as a powerpc. I think that the installer probably isn't looking for stuff in "About this Mac" It's probably looking for machine code somewhere else. let me know if you learn anything more... thanks
  5. snowy58

    problems with Silverlight..

    Ok.. I have an smbios.plist file being used in my install. It loads from the extra folder. If I edit this, what would I want to change it to? thanks
  6. Hi I've been running Leopard for quite a while, and just got Snow Leopard installed on my GA-EP35-DS3P. There are a a couple of strange problems that I keep recurring and I wonder if anyone in the community has the answer. One app that is a problem is Microsoft Silverlight. When the installer is run it has a script that runs called "installation check" It always finds my Intel Hack to be a PowerPC, and tells me that Silverlight can't be installed on a PowerPc machine. This is only an inconvenience for Silverlight, as the "Installation Check" script can be removed from the install package, and then the installer runs fine. There are other apps that I think base their decision to install or not on similar criteria. I use an audio plugin that won't install. I wonder if there's a common thread to these problems?? For now, does anyone know why Silverlight acts this way? All insights appreciated!
  7. Sorry, I missed that. Thanks. Works Great!
  8. awesome thread I've got the same board and followed everything closely. I used the usb boot stick method. I had used Chameleon rc1 before on Leopard 10.5.8. This time I used the PC EFI 10.1 that came with the package. Is this based on bootthink? The bootloader is working great, and I haven't been able to make chameleon work yet, but the graphics are harder to see. What can I do to bring the Chameleon graphics into the solution, or make the text on the options easier to see? Thanks snow58