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  1. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    Ok, so here's what I've got working at the moment with 10.6.4. However, I might still be some kexts that are not required. Please update. Trackpad - working (requires kexts) Sounds - working (using VoodooHDA 262 Experimental) Sleep - working (requires SleepEnabler) Power management - working (requires AppleACPIBatteryManager) Graphics - working (with EFI string or NVEnabler) QE/CI - seems to be working (Not showing in 'About This Mac').
  2. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    So I've noticed, since I've tried a couple of other methods (mainly conserning the kexts I've used) how to update to 10.6.3 but with no luck. So far only 10.6.2 seems to be fully working. Are you able to disable the Bluetooth? Mine's greyed out and NBI Bluetooth 'fix' doesn't fix a thing. It's rather annoying it can't be disabled sinse when waking up from sleep always freezes the OS after it shows Bluetooth disconnected. By the way, I noticed that you don't have working WiFi. Well, it's easy to fix, and rather cheap: go to eBay and buy Apple Broadcom 802.11n BCM94321MC MiniPCI-Express card. It's easy to change the original Realtek 8192E to an original Apple part although you need a few inches of cellartape to fix it securely in position. Works like a charm! And just as a curiosity - the original Realtek WiFi is labeled as both 8192E and 8192SE - different 'version' on the top and the bottom of the card
  3. Samsung N510 with Snow-/Leopard?

    Hi there! I've got the sounds working all right with VoodooHDA Experimental 252. On the other hand, I'm having difficulties with the ION LE graphics (which is supposedly nVidia 9400M G). I'm not sure if it's identifies properly since About This Mac says 'Unknown nVidia Card'. I've tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes and also EFI String. If I enable QE/CI with OSxTools it doesn't report QE enabled anywhere. Anyone willing to help me edit NVDAResMan.kext and NVDANV50hal.kext with proper device id's?
  4. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    Since there hasn't been any new posts here recently, I decided to add the following: OSX 10.6 works out of box using NetbookInstaller OSX 10.6.3 update doesn't work! WWAN working WLAN still not working Sounds works when using VoodooHDA 262 Experimental nVidia ION LE graphics works, but seems a bit 'laggy'.