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  1. I have a LG X170 netbook and want to install Mac OS X on it. Here are the specs(Strangely i have 500 GB of hard drive, 2 GB of RAM and the netbook runs on 1024x600 not 1366x768...) http://newnotebookinfo.com/lg-x170-netbook...specs-and-price By the way, i attached screenshots of Device Manager so you could observe the hardware... Did not upload for a strange reason, here are the files...
  2. I had a shaking screen when i upgraded to 10.6.3, 10.6.5 and 10.6.6(It always flickered only on these versions, nothing wrong when upgraded or downgraded) If you are in a similar situation as me or simply looking for a way to speed up your GPU, here are the steps: 1-) Download and install CHUD package from apple. 2-) Download the GMABooster from this attachment.(Sorry, there are 2 attachments and 1 is for Windows. Don't have the time to check which is for mac...:/) 3-) Run it at terminal(as root) and select 400 MHz. 4-) Reboot and you are done! GMABoosterX_CLI_09a_1.zip GMABoosterX_CLI_09a.zip
  3. Dell Mini 10v Slow Boot Times

    There is a huge gap in boot times between Leopard and Snow Leopard on my Dell Mini 10v. I want to explain some stuff i found out for this boot time. Firstly if you remember there was a buggy NBI edition and it disabled sound when installed. The important thing, it could boot up in 30 seconds at that edition. Secondly, I was new to OSX86 when this version came out and i installed it. Didn't find out its a bug but instead tinkered with the kexts and removed the bug, effectively pushing my boot time to 2:45 minutes. The only modification was to delete the HDAEnabler.kext on /Extra/Mini10vExt.(No, that file isn't bundled anymore.) Thirdly, if you add the HDAEnabler.kext to a fixed version of NBI, unsurprisingly, the bug comes back. The thing i want to learn is that how i can have the best of both worlds. I have an idea but don't have the courage to try it out(Installation media is not with me...) Can anyone add in VoodooHDA and HDAEnabler and post in the results? This is really pissing me off... Please help! To help you guys, i have attached the VoodooHDA and HDAEnabler.kext... VoodooHDA.kext.zip HDAEnabler.kext.zip
  4. I have a desktop computer i want to install Mac OS X Server(preferably Leopard). Its hardware specs are: AMD Athlon XP 2800+ ATI Radeon 9600 Pro nVidia nForce Ethernet Adapter(I have 2 ethernet adapters but i do not need to use the other one.) When i use leo4all v3 final it reboots the pc after loading the kexts(seeing the apple screen on a regular disc), When i use leo4all v5 server/client edition, it kernel panics after the same screen as above. I can not even boot to the screen as previous in an boot-132 disc. Can someone please help me? I can send screenshots if needed.
  5. I have vanilla 9.5.0 kernel and i am using virtualbox. I changed the xml file of the virtual machine to set hardware accerelation off. My computer crashes if i install vmware fusion. It only boots in safe mode and the only way to boot normally is to remove vmware fusion.
  6. I have iAtkos 5i on my computer. But i need 10.5.7 for iPhone SDK 3.0. Please can someone give step-to-step instructions to update to 10.5.7? By the way, i have 9.5.0 vanilla kernel installed.
  7. LOL i do not have mac os x on virtualbox. I converted my windows installation to a vmware image. I just want to mount the image so i can get my files and install a new windows on it. I have iatkos 5i on my AA1 now. There is an app to convert your real pc to a vmware hard drive. Check out VMWare converter...
  8. I have installed iatkos 5i with vanilla kernel on an acer aspire one with my windows setup backed up with acronis true image. Now i converted it to a vmware image with vmware converter and it is not booting with virtualbox. How can i mount the image to my mac? (I tried to install vmware fusion but it kernel panics at the end and my mac gets unbootable unless i start in safe mode and remove the offending app.) I have a blurry screenshot of my virtualbox trying to boot up xp. I do not even see the windows xp logo...
  9. Never mind, I have installed the vanilla kernel with the cpus=1 flag and the forgotten system.kext. Thanks for your fast answer anyway. There are many kernels in this page, you can download them and open with pacifist. It will install them but do not forget to authenticate or you will have the same issue as me: http://www.oprekpc.com/forum/topics40/kern...ard-vt13914.htm Dont forget to type sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist and make sure the kernel tab looks like: <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> Anyway, thanks.
  10. I installed iAtkos 5i on an acer aspire one with toh kernel. After installation i changed the kernel to voodoo. After many installations(even the vmware fusion that crashes the pc) i couldnt install safari 4. To do it i had to install 10.5.6 and apple security update 2009-001... I faked the version and made my biggest mistake, installing the awful update 2009-001. After that, not recognising that my usb is broken, installed safari 4. A day later i tried my hard drive and it is not working. After 3-4 formats i forgot it on when rebooting and it worked! But actually, i do not want to reboot each time after inserting my wireless or bluetooth stick. I do have a bad quality video demonstration of what the problem is, well i am a new user and dont know to upload a 70 mb of video shooted with an iphone. Any ways to uninstall this suckish update? Sorry for my english.