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  1. After searching the internet for a solution I got many suggestion from many sources. Someone told me to buy a USB Hub (luckly I had), connect it to my MacMini's backside USB port and then connect the monitor's USB to it. It works. But also, I tried to connect directly (without the USB Hub). It worked too. Oddly it only works on Photo Booth.It doesn't work on iChat, MSN Messenger, Yahoo's...etc. When you click Apple>About this Mac>More information>USB>NMG 3M Just look at the "electric current required (mA)" or something like that....sometimes your Mac Mini has problem to calculate how much (mA) your Samsung webcam(+ sound) requires. For some people a USB Hub solves this issue. I tested it on Windows and it has a very poor image quality. Running on Mac won't help either. The solution is buying a decent webcam and attach just in front of the samsung's to cover its poorness.
  2. Try this: Vue Scan I bought it and it worked with my old flatbed HP scanner. It works with all scanners and printers you can even imagine. US$35.95 it's worthy. http://www.hamrick.com/
  3. Try connecting the monitor's USB to a hub. It works. Instead plugging directly to the back of your Mini's USB port, first, plug in a USB Hub .