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    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Hi, Great project - thanks! FakeSMC has the ability of reading motherboard infos (try: ioreg -c FakeSMCKeyStore | awk /product-name/ ). Does anyone know if this is possible with VirtualSMC? Regards :-) # SOLVED # Thanks to TheRacerMaster!
  2. Great to hear! Would you share your EFI folder?
  3. drlove


    Awesome contribution - thanking you!
  4. drlove

    EFI Mounter

    Great Utility - ditto Thanks!
  5. Hi, I can confirm this method to be working! THANKS Regards, Marius 10.10.4 SMBIOS MacPro3,1 GTX980ti WebDriver-346.02.02f03 Philips BDM4065 4K monitor @ 60Hz @ Display Port :-)