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    Hi All, I'm a bonehead. I had 10.5.7 installed but walked away from the computer for a long while (1 - 2 months) after everything was working fine (Sleep, wireless Ethernet, screen resolution, etc.). Now, I decided to pick up the computer today to 'play around' with it for a while, and put the computer to sleep by closing the monitor. When the screen closed, there was a small crackling sound emitted from the speakers and the keyboard light went orange. When I tried waking the computer, it would wake up. So, like an idiot, i forced shutdown the machine and now tried to restart the machine but it wont. The only thing that happens is that the power light turns on along with the Key Board on/off light (blueish white) and the Wireless Ethernet light turns on as well (amber), but nothing else happens. The screen remains off. What happened?! I have a HP Mini 110-1116nr. please please please help! THanks