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  1. Hi I get only usb 1 Speed on my P5LD2-VM SE. I'm using kalyway 10.5.2. Do you have any ideas to solve this? thx Horst
  2. Hi After 10.5.2 kalyway update it take about 2 minutes until the desktop appears. The screen turns black after white bootscreen for 2 minutes. I'm using a GeForce7300 with nvinject. any ideas? thx
  3. HI I have a Problme with my GeForce 7300. Sometimes after login the resolution is wrong (very low) and the desktop stays blue. When I restart all is ok. The next start, I get the same problem. I also tried nvinject. No difference Do you have an idea? thx Michael
  4. Hi I try the Readeon x1600 Pro get run on my 10.4.10 System. First i tried the NatitX1600.r1v3.Installer. (http://maosoo.com/viewthread.php?tid=163&page=1&authorid=15) I just got a white Screen with blue flickering. Then I wanted to try the BorisBadenov Method. But my ATINDRV.kext file is different from the one what's explained. I can't find the <string>IONDRVDevice</string> line. Maybe it only works with 10.4.5 version of ATINDRV.kext. Any ideas or can someone send me the 10.4.5 version of ATINDRV.kext? thx michael
  5. HI Im using a FW Card (TI CHIP) with a Ediorl Audio interface. Everytime on higher video load (e.g. watching pics with xee) the sound crackles. If I remove Natit kext to run without QE/CI the sound is ok. Do you have any idea what i can do? my hardware: 2 gb ram 533 p4 d805 7300 GT osx 10.4.9
  6. Hi I am using a Edirol FA 66 and a PCI FW Card with TI Chip. Sound works fine but when I e.g view pictures with Xee it the sound crackles (while loading the picture) and finally the sound disapears. If I wait some minutes and replug the FW Cable the sounds is working again. I tried to change the PCI slot, but is has no effect. Do you have any idea? thx horst
  7. hi I'm runnig a GF7300 with full support but I can't install FC. The Box in the installer is disabled. See Picture. Is there any way to fix it? Maybe some broken files of a older version? thx horst
  8. P5LD2-VM Rev.2.0

    try to reset bios to default values
  9. Hi I want to use a fw card with VIA VT6306 chipset. the card is listed in system but the transfer speed ist extremly slow. is there a way to fix it like editing a kext or something? thx horst
  10. So, my system works fine now BUT i have ugly chipnoises on sound outputs tested AppleAzalia and AppleHDA. sounds the same. Do you have a crackle free sound? thx horst
  11. 2 GB RAM, Pentium d 805 I think i did not set the intel pack on setup.... i will try it again an report... thx horst
  12. hi I try to get "JaS.10.4.8.SSE3.Intel.Only.iso" working on the asus P5LD2-VM board. Also use a GeForce 7300 256 MB. The system hangs directly at the begining (with screen) Maybe it's not the right Jas version? I also tried "JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.iso". This says after install something like "Driver was not found an this machine: ACPI."4 Never mind, I just want any OS x version getting work on this system. Any ideas what I can do to solve it? THX Horst
  13. Hi Some news! There is a logic pro 7.2 crack out there! you can find it in edonkey. name: Logic Pro 7.2 (intel only) cracked by komunitta.rar The crack is still in beta. This means someone has to continue the work for a final release. The amateuer cracker stripped the intel part form the UB file and cracked it by using the IDA tool. If you compare the orginal-stripped with the cracked by binary, you will find the changes in IDA. Maybe some crackers out there...
  14. Hi, I want to buy some new hardware for a medium performace pc. I'm not quite sure what fits the best. So, which chipset (intel) and which video chipset would you preffer? thanks horst
  15. i want to buy an new board with onboard firewire. do you think it will work? LINK thx horst