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  1. Just staring, NAS Project

    Hi fos, The drives are Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB, SATA 3Gbps, 32Mb Cache, 7200rpm, They are 3 years old, only ever used as storage drives and never for OS. Right now I have them as JBOD. Cheers
  2. Just staring, NAS Project

    Hey all, Thanks for reading. I would like some pointers on customising my NAS Router which uses Busybox The router specs are here: http://www.looqs.com....php?code=MB201 The company is no longer in business, so there is no support and no further updates, Hence why I want to do this myself. I am willing to put some honest effort into this, I have worked with terminal before and am familiar with some basic nix commands. I have an Ubuntu VM setup to work from, But can use whatever is advised. What I expect from this is a much better understanding of the linux experience, and a kick ass NAS router (maybe). What I would like to improve/fix: Rebuild the disk image to include: Better/updated kernel Improved network bandwidth (tweaks/driver updates?) 802.11n, Mini PCI card (drivers) Any other driver/firmware updates NTFS support Custom GUI I have uploaded the contents of the install CD here: http://www.mediafire...1hql9wbr492e4ta If anyone can keep me on track, I would be a very happy chappy!! My first stop I think is, Getting the disk image extracted and understand how to work with it? Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, myabe this is good, apple are shipping the MacbookPro with nVidia's Mobile 8600GT in 128Mb and 256MB flavours. has anyone managed to see this in action, and if so, what kext are used for operation. cheers! http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/
  4. I've just recieved an email from my mate Jay which is quite disturbing if you are involved in UK live music, please read, consider and sign ASAP, and could we make this sticky. please & thanks Everybody needs to look at this!!!!!!! ''The Government have recently passed laws in the UK to try and suppress live music and dance. Pubs which could previously offer work to solo singers or duos now have to pay for a special licence and can only have 12 of these per year. Even school Xmas concerts need to be licensed. If you don't know there is a UK government web site where anyone can now start a petition and that's what is being done. we've just received the following email which explains things more clearly and gives the site address . If you care about keeping music live please take the time to sign the petition. Subject: Music/Licensing Laws - Official Downing Street petition Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 12:36:37 Please circulate The live music/licensing e-petition now has nearly 20,000 signatures. It currently stands at no.17 in the list of 1,702 petitions on the Number 10 website: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/licensing/ This is good, especially in just under a month - and there are five more months in which people can sign. (CLOSING DATE: 11 June 2007). But the petition needs to do much better to make an impression on ministers, and to encourage DCMS to implement music-friendly amendments. The petition is for everyone, not just musicians. Please consider signing if you haven't already done so. If you have signed, encourage friends to sign. Points to remember about the new legislation: a.. The unlicensed provision of even one musician is a potential criminal offence (although some places are exempt, including places of public religious worship, royal palaces and moving vehicles). Max penalty: £20,000 fine and six months in prison. b.. The rationale is to prevent noise, crime and disorder, to ensure public safety, and the protection of children from harm. c.. But broadcast entertainment, including sport and music, is exempt - no matter where, and no matter how powerfully amplified. d.. In the transition to the new regime, bars with jukeboxes, CD players etc were automatically granted a license to play recorded music; but their automatic entitlement to one or two musicians was abolished. e.. For the first time, private performances raising money for charity are licensable. f.. School performances open to friends and family are licensable - they count as public performances. g.. Under the old regime all premises licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises were automatically allowed up to two live musicians (the 'two in a bar rule'). h.. In December, DCMS published research confirming that about 40% of these have lost any automatic entitlement to live music as a result of the new Act: 'Very few establishments that wanted a new license were denied it, and many who were previously limited to 2-in-a-bar now have the ability to stage music with 2 or more musicians... This contrasts, of course, with the fact that 40% of establishments now have no automatic means of putting on live music (i.e. they would have to give a TEN).' ['Licensing Act 2003: The experience of smaller establishments in applying for live music authorization'; December 2006', paragraphs 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 'Conclusions', p54; Caroline Callahan, Andy Martin, Anna Pierce, Ipsos-MORI] 'TEN' stands for Temporary Event Notice - in effect a temporary entertainment licence. Only 12 are allowed per premises per year. They cost £21 each. See the full MORI reports on this site: http://www.culture.gov.uk/Reference_...ec_summary.htm link to sign petition is here.. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/licensing
  5. "Apple's demands that users not be encouraged to put Mac OS on a non-Apple machine. But pressures seem to be building in a way that Apple and Jobs will increasingly have a hard time controlling." ROFLPMSL
  6. argghh....MD5 is still fooked...... 36463658AFF360345550FD6245645831 any ideas?
  7. I know, but it doesnt match the original. Ok ive just reset the download location and forced a re check of the MD5, it's turned up 88mb of corruptness, just finishing it off now for another hash check. brb
  8. Hey all, Ive just checked My 10.4.8 and it has the following: MD5 HASH = 36463658AFF360345550FD6245645831 SHA1 HASH = 6DC1174B738798F7DFD3E7E3B1454F6D082D011E CRC-32 = AD784F8F MD5 posted on green monster = 1d7059ae05cb9afc045240126636162aafddca2ba2210298 (doesnt match in HashTab) So it looks like my MD5 matches some already posted, and it may look like those Fake clients that kept popping up were suspicious. Maybe Jobs & Co have prepared a little surprise, maybe not. either way, we need to find a way to fix this, Those fake clients started showing up at around 90% for me.
  9. I Have RAID 0 Working - No Fuss

    how do you mean by modded? which osx version?
  10. Let us know ho this fairs, im interested in getting crossfire board, with dual x1xxx cards
  11. Disk Insertion Error

    HINT: Gigabyte 965 DQ-6 ( i think its that model) have quad-BIOS, part is stored on a hard disk partition, so maybe asus have done the same. It may be worth doing some research into this.
  12. I got a new virus idea

    Hmmm, not too clever for a C++ programmer. Maybe you should take a basic course on pc architecture? Any reasonable engineer/technician/programmer wouldnt embarass themselves by posting such trash. If you had ever stopped to think that most modern pc motherbaords, will not P.O.S.T with a servere overclock, new safety features to help overclockers from destroying systems. You could fry one eeprom, but it can be replaced. Maybe Dell and Compaq systems could be attacked (in 1998, haha) But their level of engineering expertise far outwieghs yours, The newest boards have BIOS backups on 2 eeprom's and hard disk partitions, built in virus write protect/overide, all are manefacturer specific. This post wouldnt have been out of place in 1998, but cmon, get with it...its 2006! At the end of the day, if you were able to write and exploit such a virus, every manefacturer combined would have it sorted within an hour. And you would be famous, maybe........NOT So give yourself a break, Mr Mitnick ;-) I agree with Bofors, this IS the stoopidest ive EVER seen
  13. Airline Terror Plot Disrupted

    Time for changes..... Im not bothered by the increase in UK security, its slack security and pathetic changes of 'political correctness' that has allowed undesirable extremists to infect our black, white and brown society. These 'extreme types' have got to remeber that thier own people will eventually turn on them and rid them for good, these good people actually do like living here and dont like the kind of oppression and poverty given by their country of origin, thats why most came to the UK in the first place, some only bringing thier religion purely on faith. The perversion of islam...... I feel angry because the religious practices have ushered in a new type of follower and teacher, SOME of the parents of these men that are getting arressted would never dream of questioning their religion, that the teachers could be turning their children, And purely disbelieve the authorities for suspecting them. What they dont know or believe is that their children are being 'perversly converted' behind their back, while away in pakistan or private meetings. The 'renewed' chilld has been selectively chosen, and manipulated by aggresion towards say, being called a 'paki' in school, how pathetic (sticks and stones! )these so called teachers know exactly what they are doing, and exactly what to say, fuelling thier own political agenda and destroying the child. True british..... We dont break the law and we respect the country and society we live in. I have real friends of many cultural backgrounds, and we all see the same ideals. It comforts me to know that, my country has allowed me to have a multi cultural group of friends, co-workers that all see eye to eye, and have backed this up with strict and discriminating security to root out anyone who stands to destroy this. Whats next...... Remember also, it was Pakistan Government that started the ball rolling, they too are sick of the embarresment these 'so called' muslims are causing, they are a defamation of islam. Information on training camps and individuals helped the UK goverment mess the latest plot up. Its still not safe, but a united multicultural britain is going to rise above these idiots. The only people who {censored} about 'security' are the ones who are exploiting the weaknesses, history has proved that people are only going to take so much before history, again repeats itself. The difference this time would be a multicultural britian rising publically against our enemy. You only have to look at britains cultural past to remind you to, 'never wake a sleeping lion' i think was how it used to be said. I will keep my faith and skin colour private, you can decide.