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  1. Acer Aspire 5739G

    the Broadcom Card will not work in your 5739G as far as i know. Trouble is that the PCI-E Bus does not power on the card, there is a long discussion on this in the german sub board (i also suffer from this issue). They got official word from Acer that there is currently no fix and no means to enable the Wifi card via BIOS. This is fixed on Linux since some time, but this has not yet been hacked into the OSX kernel. Apparently, for some other laptops with the same symptoms, esp from Acer, the Pin20 trick remedies the problem. (google for it). I tried it, but it does not work for me on the 5739G. Emanuel
  2. [Notebook] Acer Aspire 5739g

    werde heute abend auch mal versuchen, wie weit ich mit SnowLeopard komme.
  3. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    i can confirm that Leo4All 1.5.4 AMD fixed bootup of the installer disc on my T1028x, its attempting to install now. Great thanks for the above post. Update: iPC 10.5.6 boots for me, too. It might just be you have to go for an AMD compatible distro.