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  1. i got it working. Thanks a lot. Darwin ISO HP dv2000t laptop core2duo t2700 2.0ghz 2gb of RAM nVidia go7200 80GB SATA HD Thanks to dilnalomo for all your help. BTW if someone runs into "could not write partition map then convert your partition to shagOS in Disk director. (credit to dilnalomo) If someone could help me find the drivers that would be great.
  2. I am using darwin iso. I have an hp dv200t with, 2.0 ghz core 2duo, 80 gig sata hd, 2 gig ram, dvd burner w/i lightscribe, 14.1 in widescreen display, I tried installing OSX Tiger but when I tried to format the partition it said "volume erase failed with the error: Could not write partition map" how do I solve this PLEASE HELP. I really want to use OSX. Thank you for all your help
  3. OSx86

    I think it's best that OSX is left the way it is, and that we install with our own hacks and steps because these steps are very complicated and it is not put in the frontpage of the internet. so no siple person does this.