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  1. Asus p5kpl-am se hackintosh fully working.

    this is p5kpl-am se, not sure if it will work on p5kpl-am. but there are other post i saw helping people with your board. google it up THX! im going to give it a try This other post is on your mother board. give it a look http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=229954
  2. Asus p5kpl-am se hackintosh fully working.

    the USB problem happened to me when i update to 10.6.5 too, and i already tried switching the old kexts into 10.6.5, it doesn't work. im just staying on 10.6.4 for now.
  3. Asus p5kpl-am se hackintosh fully working.

    i never used the sleep function, but you can try installing sleep enabler
  4. Asus p5kpl-am se hackintosh fully working.

    didn't have to use any boot flag. try safe mode if you get a panic "-x"
  5. This guild is for the experienced, as i will be skipping the disk preparation. Basic Info: custom built Desktop. Here is a list of my hardware. CPU: intel Q6600 motherboard: Asus p5kpl-am se Graphic Card: Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 512mb LAN: On Board Lan Audio: On Board Audio installation method: iAtkos S3 v2 (10.6.3->10.6.4 w/ software update) 100% working in 32&64bit. [audio and lan issued fixed with couple of patches] Installation customize option: Bootloader Chameleon v2 rc4(rc5 didn't work for me for some reason) Bootloader options Graphics enabler USB(check the whole box) UUID Modified Kernels PCJ kernel(the only one that works with 64bit) Patches SleepEnabler(don't remember if i had to use this) SATA/IDE Intel SATA/IDE Sound VoodooHDA uncheck AppleHDA VGA-nVidia-EFI string DVI/VGA Enablers NVEnabler Network Skip this for now, we will patch it later. then select whatever language you like. Download these patches before you start step 1, as LAN won't work yet. Audio Driver: VoodooHDA_0.2.6.pkg.zip Lan Driver: RTGNICv2.0.5.mpkg.zip
  6. you need to install grub in another partition. because both grub and chameleon tries to install to MBR partition. so whoever installed last get to stay as the other one gets over write. the solution is to install grub into linux partition(assuming you want to use chameleon) all you have to do is to boot linux, run terminal. sudo mount /dev/sda* /mnt sudo chroot /mnt sudo grub-install /dev/sda* (replace the * with the partition number that contain your linux OS) reboot and run Mac osx, reinstall Chameleon. then you should be able to see all your OSes
  7. i was actually working on the tri-boot these few days. and got it to work perfectly. im not sure what went wrong with yours. but here is how i got mine to work. 1)Windows installation in NTFS format. 2)install Mac OSX in MBR partition (with Chameleon loader). 3)Fix Windows boot with startup disk(or you can do so later) 4)install Linux in primary partition(Do not chose logical partition, chameleon will not detect) 5)grub loader will over write Chameleon as they are both set to install to MBR partition. to fix this, you need to install grub loader in linux's own partition. to do so, boot into linux, run terminal. and run the following commands. sudo mount /dev/sda* /mnt sudo chroot /mnt sudo grub-install /dev/sda* (replace the * with the partition number that contain your linux OS) 5) reboot, run Mac OSX, reinstall Chameleon. then you should have everything working! afterward, you can play around with grub's settings to hide grub menu.
  8. i have did some research and made sure all the parts will work on Mac OS so i just go ahead and built it. now it's running windows 7 smoothly but now im stuck on how to install mac on it here are the specs Intel core 2 Quad Q6600 Asus EN8400GS 512mb Asus P5KPL-AM SE TP-link TL-WN851 4GB(2x2gb) DDR2 800 500GB HD SATA (whole thing turn out to be $49x) so could anyone help me on how to install mac on this thing thankyou ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so my laptop just died.. now planning on building my own desktop i have some basic knowledge about computers, but never put pieces together before budget is around $600 - 800, depends on what kind of specs i get desktop is for regular usage, i don't do gaming so mostly Microsoft office, Photoshop and Solidworks(i'm a engineering student) i have dual boot mac + win on my dead laptop before except no driver for wifi card (3945abg) and i want a desktop that runs Mac OSX and windows 7 sorry if i have posted this at a wrong section, im new here thankyou