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  1. Hi MAJ, Thanks for your promote reply. \ The "desktop" is actually showing up, but just the background image and a out screen mouse pointer(you can move it into the screen), not a black screen, the central window didn't show up. I think I wait a enough long time before I click or press enter. There is once I noticed the top task bar context menu did show up when I hover the mouse pointer there. I'm using the ATI 4870, it actually worked well before. I hope that helps. Regards, bulier
  2. Hello MAJ, Thanks for your contribution. I was stuck in the welcome to install page. The page/panel didn't show up as well as the task bar on top of the screen, but I can hear the voice to use English press enter stuff. I was trying to install into a MBR partition and previously I already installed the 10.5.8 and 10.7 using other tools. Any idea why this happen and how to fix it? Thanks, Shawn
  3. OK, I figured seems return will work, but why not just make the 1+return also work?
  4. A quick feedback, I'm still using the old version 8.0.3, when I try to run the following step, the system didn't give me any feedback after I type the 1 to perform the install the clear cache. Did this happen or not? " Run Kext/kernel installer (menu #3). For Mountain Lion/Mavericks, install all the audio kexts into /System. "
  5. successfully upgrade to 10.7.2, need do the sound patch again. I also run that perl script to avoid the CMOS reset. That's all.
  6. I got the same error after force shutdown from sleep, now I even can not boot into the snow leopard. I tried to clear the CMOS and reload the default setting, no luck so far.
  7. After sleep the system didn't wake up, force restart and the verbose message stop here: "RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes)" The same DSDT works well for the Snow Leopard, it looks the same issue as this thread reported, my question is how I can apply the perl fix when I can not login? Any advice is appreciated. >Update: I have figured what's the problem, I'm using a PS2 keyboard, it seems I need disable the USB keyboard and USB mouse in the BIOS. After I did that, it start working again.
  8. Chameleon Install 2.0 RC5 Rev 699 for Windows

    if you can give a simple user guide, it will be better. Like where to install the patch, how to enable the native power management, where to put the DSDT etc.
  9. OK, got it. Thanks a lot, d00d. I'll try to create one for my MB.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm using the GA-EX58-Extreme, I7 920, Asus 4870 512M Dual DVI. I already tried many times to build the DSDT fix after upgrade BIOS to F12 version. But none of them works with the bootthink. Is anybody using the same hardware and can share your DSDT fix? I can not login to the mac, not sure how I can install the Chameleon, I'm using the bootThink before. Thanks a lot.
  11. Does that mean Ican use the UD5 DSDT files? Or do I still need change anything?
  12. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    Is anybody who can tell me how I can make this play together with the bootthink or Chameleon?
  13. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    I'm not sure if the GIGA EX58-Extreme is supported by this tool. When I used the patched DSDT file (for GA EX58 GA EX58A) to boot 10.6.4, it come to a blue screen when it suppose to be the desktop. I was running perfect using my previous patch with the bootthink. (I'm not using the Chameleon but bootthink which is a windows version) Is anyone who is using the bootthink and get the same problem? How to fix it? My unpatched DSDT file: dsdt.zip The previous worked version: dsdt_previous_works_version.zip GA EX58-Extreme F12 BIOS File: EX58EX.zip Any suggestions or helps are very appreciated.
  14. I'm not sure if you still need the BIOS for EX58-Extreme. Here is the F12 BIOS and related DSDT file. dsdt.zipEX58EX.zip
  15. Chameleon Install 2.0 RC5 for Windows

    I'm not sure why only one replied this but more than 100 downloaded this attached file. Thanks a lot for your sharing. I'll try to see if it works.