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  1. Edit DSDT for HDMI Audio on 5770

    Now I broke everything. Since it didn't look like the DSDT_Patcher was extracting the right file when I ran it I went into [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and selected user dsdt and ran it. Originally I did a setup using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Well I tried that and it installed and ran DSDT Patcher again but I still didn't get the .aml file and it still showed 1 error. I can't seem to figure out how to enter the command line arguments for forcing compile, or even getting it to compile/decompile in general. I don't have a lot of experience working in dos. So I think I'm just going to have to do a fresh install of os x since i'm pretty sure I messed it all up now.
  2. Edit DSDT for HDMI Audio on 5770

    That doesn't tell me much. I'm sure you're trying to be vague because you don't want to do it for me, but I've never done this before and I don't really have a great grasp on editing DSDT's yet. I've read through countless posts on here and still can't do it. Seems like some people use that DSDT_Patcher, but when I do that I don't get the .aml file, and I can't compile the edited dsd_fixed.txt. (I don't understand this code, ./iasl -ta ../Debug/dsdt_fixed.txt) since it doesn't recognize that command when I type it in. I must be missing something there) On that same note, I can't decompile the .aml you've supplied for me here so I can't edit it. So as of right now I'm pretty much stuck. I'm sure you've probably explained this in painstaking detail multiple times and you're frustrated with it, so if you know of a better guide that you can point me to that would be nice. The 5770 HDMI Audio thread on here is 57+ pages long and I haven't exactly read every post so maybe I'm not finding the right spot yet.
  3. Edit DSDT for HDMI Audio on 5770

    What exactly am I looking for in that ioreg? It's only about 5000+ lines.
  4. Edit DSDT for HDMI Audio on 5770

    Ahh so you left me some work? Nice. Any advice as if I'm supposed to make those HDMI Audio changes in the Device (PGEP) section or the Device(PCI0) section?
  5. Edit DSDT for HDMI Audio on 5770

    Thanks. I'll test that out when I get home tonight.
  6. Edit DSDT for HDMI Audio on 5770

    I have attempted to edit my DSDT to allow for HDMI audio on my Sapphire 5770 and can't quite get it to work. I am using the DSDT Patcher from InsanelyMac to extract and patch my DSDT. Then it creates the text file of the DSDT for you to edit. I put the code in but I can't compile. It actually looks like it hits an error the first time it extracts it because I never get the .aml file in my folder either. Here is the dsdt_fixed.txt file I edited with the HDMI Audio code. 1 interesting point is that I found a topic where someone added this under Device (PGEP) and another where it was under Device (PCI0) so I'm not sure which one to do. Not that I can get it to compile anyway. Here's where I think the error might be. ./dsdt_fixed.txt 8342: Store (And (Arg1, 0xFFFF), _T_1) Error 4063 - Object does not exist ^ (_T_1) ASL Input: ./dsdt_fixed.txt - 14195 lines, 467142 bytes, 6288 keywords Compilation complete. 1 Errors, 7 Warnings, 1 Remarks, 78 Optimizations dsdt_fixed.txt
  7. Does anyone know how much disk space they each take up? I don't need a lot of extra space on the drive since I'll have plenty of disks in the computer. And there's no problems with partitioning the SSD and putting both on it?
  8. I've got a couple questions for if I'm going to dual boot Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Should I install them on the same SSD? How big of an SSD would I need to use for both OS's?
  9. This is great news! I'm waiting for some confirmation so I can start my build. (also waiting to see if Apple will support the Radeon 5xxx series cards)
  10. Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    No Doubt, cause I now see someone has a 980x rig up and running so I want to get my build going with one of the new Radeon 5xxx cards.
  11. Is the UD5 not 980X compatible? Or how about one of Asus's new Mobo's. The P6X58D or the Rampage III Extreme. Although it does seem like Gigabyte is more common in the Hackintosh world. Either way, I'm still waiting on updated Graphics Cards support. I can't imagine building a rig with a $1000 processor and a great mobo and putting in a 9800GT or even a GTS240. I want one of the new GTS 400's or a HD5xxx series.
  12. OOB = Out of Box I'm also curious to see if anyone has a working Hackintosh with a 980x. I'm looking to build a system with it.
  13. True, it doesn't yet. But if you're going to dual boot at all you can take advantage of those. Also, for the extra $10, if it doesn't create any extra work, you might as well at least to future proof yourself.
  14. Is there a reason you wouldn't spend the extra $10 and get this mobo instead? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128422 It has USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s
  15. I'm looking to build a computer for a friend that he's going to use for a multitude of things, but he wants it to be able to sit in his family room connected to his TV to serve as a HTPC. He wants to be able to dual boot Leopard and Windows (Vista or 7). I've been told I need to be careful on the components I select and I was directed here to ask some questions about components. I've never built a dual boot computer before. He wants to build this thing about as nice as you can (he likes to have the best stuff). So I know a lot of this is going to be overkill but I'm just building it for him. He is going to be doing some video editing with Final Cut Studio, which is why he wants to dual boot Leopard, ripping blu-rays, encoding video files, working with pictures, etc...(not sure about gaming, but I'm sure this thing will be able to handle it) So I guess I'll start out by telling you the components I had in mind and hopefully I can get some input as to what won't work. I figure the components I'll need to worry about are CPU, Mobo and GPU. Other stuff like CPU cooler, RAM, Optical Drives, Hard Drives, Power Supply should be fine to work either way right? Intel Core i7 975 ASUS Mobo (Either one of the P6T's or the Rampage II Extreme) (I like ASUS but if it won't work well with Leopard I'll have to go with something else that will) ATI Radeon 4870 (What video cards work best with Macs?) Then for the other stuff I'm looking at an Enermax PSU, He'll probably load it up with 24GB of RAM, a Xigmatek CPU Cooler, a few 1-2 TB Hard Drives (maybe a SSD boot drive), probably an LG Blu Ray burner. I appreciate any help, thanks.