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    Hi Burny92, thank you for the reply. I have the bestbuy version of the G73JH that came with 6Gb of ram, which I upgraded to 8Gb. Processor is the 1.6GHz, which Mac reports as a 1.71 Ghz core i7. I believe I figured it out! After investing yet some more time into digging and searching, I discovered that the 1002_68a0.rom file that everyone is using for their G73JH, is actually for an MSI laptop and/or mobility graphics card. When you open up the file that was being used in a text editor, the header states its for an MSI broadway. Also, the psedo code, which looks like garbage, does not exactly match visually the 1002_68a0.rom file for a G73JH. Perhaps it (the MSI version) works on some peoples computers, while it does not for others. The secret is to make your own rom file while in Windows using GPU-Z. It will save as a Broadway.bin file, then you rename it to 1002_68a0.rom . Bring it over to Mac with your favorite method, and drop it in your /root/Extra folder. You should then be able to boot without using GraphicsEnabler=No (leave your com.apple.Boot.plist graphicsenabler flag set to Yes). When you reboot, it should load your rom file, and boot to a visible desktop in about 20 secs WITHOUT black screen. I went ahead and attached my own rom file. I ran my unscientific Garageband test...where I load up a Piano or Guitar lesson video and see if it crashes. With GraphicsEnabler=No, it would crash instantly. It has now not crashed at all, and the computer appears to be running pretty stable right now, very low fan speeds in a 73 F room. I normally would putz around in Safari, and experience a crash within 3-5 minutes, but it did not happen when I did. I eventually got it to crash by opening up 5 safaris, running random youtube videos, while having ±20 other programs open. The next step is to obtain an updated 'Boot' file since its linked to Chimera/Chameleon. I don't know how/haven't figured out how to do this yet. If you update to the newest version of the bootloader, you will lose the injection that tells it to look for your 1002_68a0.rom, resulting in the generic ATi 5000 display driving being loaded. And if you don't update your bootloader, you will not be able to run reboot into Lion after it installs... (found that out the hard way the day it came out..) BTW, the standard xmove process for installing Lion works perfectly for this computer. Overall, Pavol's and Norton's guides/threads have been the biggest help to me. Thank you very much guys! 1002_68a0.rom.zip
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    I still can't get my ATi mobility 5870 to display as a 5870. My problem is that when the GPU rom is utilized (says its found during the chimera bootup), the OS becomes the black screen after a 17 second boot. When I instead use GraphicsEnabler=No, it boots into the OS, looks pretty good and has QE/QI, but the graphics card is registered as an ATI Radeon 5000. Bigger problem is when I try using an OS related program like Safari or quicktime, I usually get a freeze. I believe the freeze is linked directly with the video card not being properly referenced in the system profiler. (ie. I'll try running a program like garageband, and as soon as I go into a free lesson, the computer freezes). I've followed Norton's well written process here as well as Pavol's earlier thread, and also tried using the original boot and rom file where I believe Pavol obtained his from, and still come up with the same result. I'd appreciate it if someone could write up a short process for the ATi mobility 5870 in the G73JH. Other than that, everything runs pretty well.