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  1. Marvin's AMD Utility

    Seems to have worked when i run it after booting into 10.6.2 though it stops responding when it's all done and have to force quite it to close it. I never could get it to launch in 1.5.8. Thanks.
  2. OS X, SiS, which DVD?

    This is very similiar to my setup, the only version i ever got to get as far as install is iDeneb 1.3 osX 10.5.5. to get the sound to work i extracted the AC97_sis pkg from the iDeneb 1.5 and installed it. the onboard ethernet doesn't work. i am currently using a realtec ethernet adaptor. The graphics work and i needed to use the amd patch as well as the 9.2.2 sse3 kernal. my configuration is: pc chips goal 3+ motherboard AMD Sempron 3000+ SiS761GX/SiS965L 2Gig RAM 20 GigEIDE hard drive sata dvd rw
  3. Missing Audio Problem

    The kext no longer seems to be at the link above. I would appreciate this kext if any one still has it.