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  1. free in-ear headphone tips

    Monster is giving away free supertips for in-ear headphones (not just monster headphones, they have a long list of compatible ones on their site) and all they want is for everyone who gets them to review them. I got these with my turbine pro in-ears, and they are some of my favorite in-ear tips i've used so far. http://monstersupertips.com/contest/default.asp
  2. My photography

    Looks great guys! Anyone have a G9?
  3. Best Webcam?

    my roommate had this great one that followed you. tall with a ball shaped camera at the top. anyone know what this one is?
  4. Need Supported Multi Button Mouse

    the MX Rev by logitech is great
  5. Don't want to use windex. Water doesn't really work. I don't want it to lose the shine and I'm not that crazy about any of the protective covers that are out there. Any ideas? My screen is getting messed up!
  6. this was in the 9/11 special on nat geo the other week