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  1. I was surfing the 'Net and I came across this article from '06: http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/7883/ In it, there's a suggestion that I've always thought was a sound idea: Apple should buy a distro of Linux and merge the two. Imagine, the Mac OS interface with the Linux Kernel. Now as I've already stated, I think this is a great idea. Apple goes out and picks up a Linux distribution, maybe a Mandriva or other stable but suffering version, and cannibalize it. Take the best parts of the Linux OS and seamlessly merge them with the Mac OS. Then, offer this product in two ways: 1. As a lower-end, white-box version, that anyone could install on any regular-old x86 box, with limited support and an open-source code (just like any other Linux OS). The key here is that it's a "use-at-your-own-risk" proposition. 2. As a high-end, stable, secure and efficient Server product. This one would replace Mac OS Server, and offer all the bells and whistles a true server product should, including first-class 24/7 support (for, like, $500 a year). The source code could be open or closed, it's up to Apple. The great thing is that the product would benefit from the upgrades and updates to all the other Linux server versions. Then at the same time, they continue to offer the original desktop Mac OS that we all know and love. This would be the higher-end product, fairly rigid in it's hardware requirements (it'll only run on Apple hardware, for instance) and it will have greater testing, stability and support. If you put it in terms of the automotive industry, the white-box version would be the Chevy Aveo and the Apple-hardware version would be the Cadillac DTS. I'm looking for feedback on this idea, just to gauge it's viability and acceptance (and to make sure I'm not totally nutbags).