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  1. Hi everyone - I'm a noob at case modding so your patience is appreciated. The other day I came home from work and saw that a neighbor chucked his old power mac G5. What interested me mostly was the case, which appears to be in pretty good condition. I've been meaning to put together a Mac Pro hackintosh, so I jumped at the chance and took the machine. It has all of the internals as far as I can tell, and probably still works. (it was outside in the cold for a few hours it looks like and there was a little bit of condensation inside the case; I'm waiting for it to dry out before I boot it up). I'll post a list of the internals in case any one is interested. I've seen a bunch of "how to" guides on the net; some with spectacular results that I'd like to replicate. Can anyone point me to one that's particularly good, and not terribly difficult to implement? My goal is to create a functional PC/hackintoch chassi; Im not a mac pro purist and don't mind cutting away the back pannelt to fit a Lian Li mobo tray as some have done. Since there are a few scratches on the case, I'd also like to find out whether anyone has experience in removing scratches or polishing a mac pro/power mac G5 case. If it turns out to be a huge job, I may just live with the scratches. Thanks everyone.