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  1. THANX !!! That work pretty well ! Magic mouse + magicprefs Apple keyboard bluetooth AWESOME thanx a lot
  2. ok Door closed, combo update downloaded, I just need a little more time am looking for a good ventirad. if somebody can suggest me a reference. Noctua NH-C12P SE 14 or Scythe BIG Shuriken ?
  3. Yeah ! [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] ! that's work ! many thanx for this men. awesome. here I received my latest fan, it only remains for me to plug it in and try to close this box
  4. Up the project continues, a few new photos Wire the front panel so. with some small reverse cables I ended up wire correctly i think my HDD led is broken.. does it count ? I also welded 3 x 3-pin female to feed my 4 fans am waiting for my other 80mm fans... The plastic plate is the closing spring of the G4 .. I had to cut some parts Madame, bonjour very good idea that plastic tube The installation is temporary anyway, I will remove all to fix the cooler PSU rack fixed voila! everything is connected. RAM, CPU cooler (I have to change I know), HD, Graphics card, fans connected (missing 1) Am ready to fight ! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  5. Introduce yourself.

    Hi there am a french graphic designer am twenty eight. I look forward to learning more, especially on the Hardware part this place is a huge library thanx for this peace
  6. Hi all it's my first post here , i love the "quizz concept" With a little time and patience, I decided to go into action, and wire my first computer. With the help of the fabulous about "Macbane G4 mod" I decided to cut my G4 tower - well more than my wife - which would end in the trash. I will post here the evolution of this project with some photos Thank you for this place, I'm still learning a lot of things I had no idea before moving here Désolé pour mon anglais ... c'est pas moi, c'est gwoogle everything must be dismantled like this you helped me to choose for these components it's time to make my markers to be continued... am ready with my front panel !
  7. upgrade PPC > INTEL PMG5 possible ?

    Non non fonctionnel... c'est juste que j'essaye de m'informer... le hardware c'est un peu obscure pour moi... par contre à force de lire des post je commence a comprendre un peu plus.. des que j'aurai un peu de temps j'essayerai volontier ce type de config. Merci pour ton retour en tout cas. +
  8. Bonjour par ici ! je commence a m'interesser a toutes ces configs et je me pose une question puis je modifier ma tour G5-2X2,3 vers une carte mère et des processeurs intel ? ou je raconte n'importe quoi et rien ne sera compatible ? je suis bricoleur mais mes connaissances en connecteurs/chipset/etc.. sont assez peu évolué merci pour vos réponses