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  1. well, it seems that the editor is completely inaccessible. it won't read me any of the screens and the scroll pane reads back result "unknown". this makes it hard to make changes/compile code and even sabe it to the proper spot. I think I need some help here guys. -eric
  2. well, I am using the next to newest version. I hate to go bleeding edge but if needed, I can do so. all I need to do is restart that machine on ubuntu 12.4. that will give me the development release for IASL and FWTS. I will make a dupe dsdt and compare the 2. at least I can run it from a usb stick. that does make my job easier. I seriously wish I had the money and a few helpers. I'd do a lot of updates to the dsdt database (its still useful for those of us not running the latest gear or OS). I will see if the compiler is voiceover workable.
  3. ok, here is the dsdt.txt output for the iasl run this morning. it also spit out a .hex file and a .dat file (those are perhaps from the fwts program run a couple of days ago. DSDT.dsl 547: 0x00000000, // Length Error 4122 - ^ Invalid combination of Length and Min/Max fixed flags DSDT.dsl 2129: Method (SBLL, 1, NotSerialized) Warning 1088 - ^ Not all control paths return a value (SBLL) DSDT.dsl 7053: Acquire (MTBT, 0x1000) Warning 1105 - Possible operator timeout is ignored ^
  4. well, I thought I had attached a file. also, before a week ago, I had used the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] approach. since I am installing (or about to) on an older model fujitsu lifebook, I was hoping to do it without having to source a number of kext files. right now, I have no sighted assistance to even get a model number off that laptop. what i do know is that the cpu is a core 2 duo 1.6Ghz processor and it has an intel chipset and 3 GB of ram. I also need a dsdt patcher/compiler that will work on my current machine. since I have a major disability working against me here, I have no idea if the patcher will even work with voiceover (the screenreader I absolutely depend on here). until these issues can be resolved (such as finding a fellow hackintosh user here in town), I am a bit stuck. I did manage to get the firmware test suite to produce a DSDT.dsl file and it is viewable with a text editor but that is as far as I have gotten. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I need a bit more help than someone that can just look at the screen. my blindness has a steep learning curve and I am still trying to deal with that I managed to get a clue (this is my edit now). I installed the IASL package and ran that dsl file through it. it generated 1 error and 3 warnings. now all I need to do is source the error and the warnings, make the appropriate changes and save/compile the dsdt to something that snow leopard will understand. I just needed to be hit over the head with a clue bat. here is to hoping I can get a good file out of this. it will make installing snow leopard on that machine a lot simpler.as well as learning how to make/compile/install a DSDT file. thanks
  5. hello all. I have a question. I managed to get something resembling a text readable version of a DSDT file in Ubuntu 11.04 using the Firmware Test Suite. what that package generated was a DSDT.dsl file and I am wondering how to convert it to a standard dsdt file as used by OS X snow leopard. Currently, I am typing from my current OS X installation, but would like to install snow leopard to my Fujitsu Lifebook laptop. I have attached that file below for your parusal. I may need a little help with this as I am totally blind and not every application I use is screenreader friendly. any help or suggestions on how to convert this file would be of immense help. -eric
  6. well, it wasn't easy. I had a bit of luck in acquiring an intel board from ASUS that closely matched what apple was using at the time that snow leopard was introduced. that and a copy of [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], an nvidia 9800GT graphics card, 54 GB DDR2 pc-6400 ram, an audigy sound card and a bought from apple copy of snow leopard. the board uses the following specs: Kext name: AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext that was the only custom kext I had to acquire. all the rest was included with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. installing was a breeze. back when I first put this machine together, I had about3% of my eyesight left. July of last year, I lost the rest (in fact, both eyes had to be physically removed). this presented some additional problems that I am working around. now I want to install OS X snow leopard on a Fujitsu Lifebook laptop. it uses the intel I845 chipset for sound and the ethernet and usb subsystems are lso of intel design. I just figured out how to generate a DSDT.dsl file but now have to figure out how to convert that to a proper DSDT file for use by OS X. a lot more reading to do. In any case, I will not let blindness stop me, though i may require minimal visual assistance to get the install underway. btw, the DSDT.dsl file was generated by an ubuntu package called FWTS (firmware test suite). it was a lot more strict than the previous DSDT generator packages from previous linux versions. anyway, I hope I answered your question, though I may have gotten a bit chatty. -eric
  7. rendering the page is what I do. looking at the source is time consuming I am not sure how to use screen flow. I need to read up on that one and post it here for you. the nav keys are the stated ctrl+option+left/right arrow the web item rotor is ctrl+option+u and then use navigate arrows to switch from headers to links, etc. it took me about an afternoon to get the hang of this and that was 3 years ago.there is also an online help center at ctrl+option+h and that will give yyou a learners guide and sections for the various commands/ I will work on the workflow and see about uploading it. -eric
  8. well, all you need to do is turn on voiceover and turn off your screen and listen to how the site sounds. an overview of voiceover key commands will be a must in order to navigate around the screen in talking mode is a must. I use the command+option+left arrow/right arrow to navigate as well as the command+option+U (web item rotor) to get into the right areas, or as close as I can). since I am totally blind, I suggest the best way to reproduce the navigation/presentation problem is to use the site in "blind mode" (monitor off and sound on). since I don't use windows, I have no idea how this site would be presented in a windows/jaws presentation. my OS: OS X snow leopard 10.6.4. I ran into problems trying to update to 10.6.7 because my keyboard andsound are on USB and the 10.6.7 USB drivers are not compatible with this machine). if you want, I can record a screen capture with system audio to demonstrate the problem. -eric
  9. hello folks. I recently returned to the site here and i have noticed a few things that may seem trivial to most of you, but are a severe inconvenience to me. the biggest gotcha here is the site layout. looking in the web item rotor (OS X voiceover feature) there over 700 links just for the top level for this forum alone. the second item noticed is the rich text editor isn't immediately visible (I have to scroll past it and come back to it. so, I am wondering if there are any blind friendly items in the website themes folder under the user preferences page. so far, every one that I have chosen really hasn't changed anything for the better. perhaps I need to look further but so far, I haven't found anything that helps much. suggestions?
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    Hello folks. I originally installed OS X snow leopard on an intel machine a couple of years back )and I am still using it). however, this is a desktop unit and I would like to move this installation to my laptop. I own a retail copy of snow leopard, so there is no problem there. I know I should probably troll the archives on how to do this, but I am finding the site a lot harder to browse than was previously the case )I wasn't totally blind back then and I am now). what I would like to do is take the retail disk and add some packages to it (Kext's and libraries) and then burn it to a new disk for the express purpose of installing it to my laptop machine (A core 2 duo intel DM processor machine). I have encountered a problem trying to get a dsdt on this machine (it is installed with VVinux 3.0.1). there doesn't seem to be such a file anywhere on the filesystem. I really need to have my OS X be more portable,, as I will be going to the colorado center for the blind in late january and cannot take my bulky desktop with on the plane. the machine is: a fujitsu lifebook using the core 2 duo cpu. unsure what the onboard chipset is. any help would be appreciated.