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  1. From what you said, it look like might be your dvd rom problem. the bios setting i play with is Bios setting for SATA.
  2. Have you wait until it stop spinning before you take out the Boot132 and swap the disk? Beside that, you might want to play with your Bios setting a little. Because in my case i need to disable some stuff in Bios before i can successfully boot it.
  3. The extra folder is the driver for E6500. You will need to find the driver that suite your machine. If you copy the whole extra folder, it will create some driver conflict. What you can do now is boot again using the Boo132 and then remove the Extra folder or try one by one to see which driver work and which is not. I actually delete the first partition that i can see on the Ubuntu disk manager. basically what i did is as below: - Create 3 partitions, 1) 80gb (for windows 7), 2) 120gb (for data) 3, 30gb (for Mac). - when i delete the partition again, i delete the 80gb one. Strange enough is my EFI partition is becoming the number 4th partition. I guess for Windows to work, it must be the first partition no matter what.
  4. Try to delete the partition again and recreate the partition using Ubuntu. Don't format it. And are you install the Mac on first partition or second partition. In my case, i install Mac on my third partition and install windows 7 on the first partition.
  5. You will need to find the right driver for your device. All hackintosh installation is try at your own risk.
  6. You can always buy the external usb wifi as i mention above or even get the internal wifi that is supported such as Dell 1397. I not sure. I guess you can try to google around to see is the graphic card is supported. The sound work fine.
  7. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    I have the E6500. Details spec is in the word doc attached. And i installed Chamelon 2 RC3. With the files from you, seem like i still having the following problem - Web cam stop working with photo booth, it is working with the original ioUSBfamily.ext. - The processor is not recognize. - haven't try the wifi yet because i am waiting my USB wifi donggle to arrive. Spec.doc
  8. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hi, I try your steps. But seem like it kill my webcam. Um........... do you know which specific file is for the webcam? Read around a little, it seem like it may had some things to do with my graphic card setting as well. Any idea? Anyone success? thanks.
  9. Ok. thanks for the info, but that also mean as long as i did not plan to play games or dual screen, the current setting should work, right? um............... just wondering will this effect the video editing. do you know which part to set to enable the Chameleon graphicsenabler? Try to understand more about the tweaking side. thanks.
  10. So you mean that the graphic is disable on this setting? How do i check that? The graphic seem fine for me.
  11. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Seem like i manage to make the shutdown and sleep work!!! But i not 100% sure for the solution yet, if someone can help me to test will be very much appreciate. You can try to check out the steps listed here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=0#entry1313505
  12. Hi All, I think i am able to make the reboot and shutdown work!!! But that killed my display resolution setting. I am still experiment it. Should be able to post it here soon to be study together.
  13. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hi, I tried your guide, but just by remove NullCPUPowerManagement.kext from Extra/Extenstions folder and reboot, i direct got a kernel panic. First i want to make sure we are talking the same location, am i right to use the Extra folder that i see on the first level when i click on the partition that i install SL using the finder? thanks.