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    Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    All the install is fresh install, at least on this board. I see no problems of your setup, the only concerns that I have is your ide hd, not sure if it's ok with snow leopard, someone please correct me if I am wrong, I don't want to give wrong idea.
  2. Meng8123

    Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    I was like that before too, did you try run sudo kextcache -system-caches after I run that command, I got my gtx295 working. the only thing is I am not sure if this is 100% hardware enabled or just a fix for now, because I still couldn't run Final Cut Studio 3, anyone knows? edit: NVM, sorry about before, the card has nothing to do with FCS3 not working, I just forgot to turn the onboard lan on, and setup at en1 and got the FCS3 fully working, man this card is great, thanks to you all who help me making this card to work.
  3. Meng8123

    Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Ok, I finally got this to work thanks to the good people from this site. My setup is Rampage II GENE, intel core i7 290, asus nvidia gtx295 (single pcb board), linksys wusb600n ver.2 (wireless usb, works perfect). first of all, go get empire-efi ver.1.04 from their site (or google the name, not sure if I can give the link to other site in here sorry), the newest one is ver.1.08. download both and burn them into cd. For this board, you don't need to set anything in bios, just make sure that your HDD is on the FIRST sata and there is no other things like dvd-rom or anything. I was having a problem when I have HDD and DVD-Rom on the sata connector the osx doesn't seem to like it. instead i use usb dvd-rom to boot. You can also turn the JMicron off, I don't think it matters but just in case. now after all that, boot the empire-efi ver.1.04 first. wait until it load up, then take the cd out and put your snow leopard disc in (make sure the snow leopard is from retail not the recovery dvd came with your macbook), and hit F5 and until you can the snow leopard DVD logo hit Enter and you are on the way to install OSX. once you are in the setup menu, goto Disk Utility first, and I assume you are using the entire HDD for this setup. Make sure use "GUID Partition Table" before you format your disk, if you don't, your setup will fail. After that, you can just start installing the OSX. After installation, take out your snow leopard dvd, and put back the empire-efi ver.1.04 and this time, boot it from your newly installed OSX partition. after you got into the desktop, take the empire-efi 1.04 out and put the 1.08 in. inside there is a folder called Extra/Post-installation. Make sure to run myHack installation first. and after that, you can just run osx on its own with out the empire-efi disc. hope this helps who ever have this board. I also used a RIIG.kext from dgsga on this board. this kext helps me ALOT with the sound card and other things on this board. all you have to do is install this kext and you will have onboard sound working 100%. very cool stuff. Thank you very much dgsga.
  4. Meng8123

    Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    omg, I've been trying to get this board working since it released. Trying to find help but no luck don't know why every time I installed and every time, I couldn't get to the osx screen. later I just give up on it. but after hearing you guess saying this board works perfectly, I can't help to get my hopes up again. can any of you help me out here. thank you. Just let you know that your link doesn't work. don't know why, hope you fix it soon so i can can try it.
  5. Meng8123

    Office 2008 to ship January 15th

    Man, I have the windows version of office '08 from my school; I have to tell you, I don't like it at all or maybe just me. Hope the mac version is going to be a lot of better.
  6. I tried what you did, but when it start loading, it stuck right before get into window, nothing show up, not even kernel panic. I am not sure why, maybe because i have amd.