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  1. So you had to change your Wireless Chipset to get WiFi working? Any problems until now? Everything working flawless? What about dual booting, is it possible? Thanks and great work :-)
  2. Hi there, I just installed Snow Leopard on my Toshiba NB200 netbook, but now I'm a bit lost. Some people were trying to install it before, but I did it and created a Tutorial, you can check this link to see what I did (I tried to post this here, but I'm waiting approval) As you can see there, I installed using a retail disc, but nothing is working. No WiFi, no sound, no webcam, really nothing. And the bad thing is that I'm really n00b on this hackintosh thing, I tried to install a few kexts on it, but all without success... I tried putting them in the Extensions folder and repairing permissions, but it didn't work. I also tried OSX86Tools but the kexts I wanted to install were not available to select. If you need, I can post exactly what is the hardware of my netbook. I really, really need some help here to make things work... And I don't even know how to make dual-boot on Snow Leopard, I tried a few ways that worked on Leopard, but they're not working anymore, can anyone link me to a post or tutorial which tells me how to dual-boot Snow Leopard and WinXP? I'm sorry that I'm asking a lot of things, but I really need help, I tried to figure some things out by myself but got no luck.
  3. a few links here doesn't work. tried to go to abnt2 brazilian solution and the link is broken. i'll search more for the solution, but i'm just warning. :-) thank you.