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  1. Anyone successful with a Asus P8Z77-V Premium?

    GeekBench to 15616 http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1009670 Getting there. Just wish there was a way to fix this sound issue, so damned frustrating. Also sleep isn't working. once she sleeps.......she is out. No waking up.
  2. Anyone successful with a Asus P8Z77-V Premium?

    I have tried several including those and the sound issue is always there. Its a thimping that happens 5 or 6 times then goes away.
  3. Anyone successful with a Asus P8Z77-V Premium?

    That guide did the trick, you are a life saver!!! New GeekBench score is 13156ish http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1001843 That seems more on par with things lol. When osx boots, at the login I get a loud set of sounds that resembles someone running up the stairs. Sound works in the system but that login error of sounds is LOUD. Any ideas how to knock that out?
  4. Anyone successful with a Asus P8Z77-V Premium?

    Still no love, I can't for the life of me get this thing from a 16 multiplier. Trapped at 1600 no matter the ssdt used etc. Bios settings look good, tried all system defs I could think of. It does not want to budge.
  5. Anyone successful with a Asus P8Z77-V Premium?

    From the start: Flashed Bios with patched 1504 (Thanks samisnake) Installed 10.8 from usb using GraphicsEnabler=No Networking actually worked through install and first boot, but went away after installing ###### Installed ###### with user DSDT (thanks rampagedev for the custom DSDT), realtek alc898 with DSDT, hnak's intel network driver, Graphicsenabler=no option, and I7 SSDT. Now the system boots, I have networking, I have sound, I have a absolutely low geekbench scorehttp://browser.prima...kbench2/1000265 of 5647 My CPU multiplier is stuck at 16, it never changes. I am using the SSDT from ###### 5.0.2 for the I7 and I am not over clocked...I don't understand whats causing it to be locked at 16. Any ideas how to fix this, as always....any and all help is much appreciated.
  6. I have been looking around and the one place with a supposed dsdt for this board is having database errors so I can't nab it. Would love some help or a guide to get this board working correctly. I have the following Asus P8Z77-V Premium I7-2700k 16gb @ 2133 120gb vertex 3 ssd 670 GTX 4gb X2 SLI
  7. Toshiba Portege R705

    I can install with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], I have had no luck booting without using that cd though
  8. Toshiba Portege R705

    Just started working on trying to get SL installed on this lil guy. Anyone here had any experience with this model? Any and all help would be appreciated. I have searched all over and only seen one other post of someone asking for info as well. Thanks in advance!
  9. Netflix DRM 8152 ***Snow Leopard***

    no one else has this issue with 10.6?
  10. Well I am having issues with netflix and SL. I installed Silverlight by removing the check in the install pkg. I made sure my network card is infact en0 and it is, I installed the efi string in my /e/boot.plist, I deleted the preferences.plist and the networkinterfaces.plist, after all this I still get the DRM 8152 error? I am open to any and all suggestions please.
  11. DVD Player crashing P6T

    i have trans top menu etc. It must be. Also just downloaded GLView 3.0 and it made it through all test but failed on 3.0?
  12. DVD Player crashing P6T

    ASUS P6T (non-deluxe) 12gb DDR3 1600 Nvidia GTX 285 SATA Drives, SATA DVDR Chameleon 2 RC3 with Graphics Enabled I seem to have everything working so far with the exception of sleep and the dvd player crashes if I insert a dvd into the drive. I have tried both retail and ones I burnt with no luck either way. I even installed VLC to attempt to play a DVD and it crashes too. I can however read data discs and burn discs etc. So what gives? Very annoying, any and all help would be appreciated. Just did "The Kings" DSDT patch to get all sata ports working correctly, now I just want to hammer out these last 2 problems.
  13. Anyone else having a issue with DVD Player closing and not playing dvds? I even installed VLC and its crashing trying to play them as well. I have saw that it might be a smbios.plist issue? Also sleep isnt working on my P6T (non deluxe). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. *edit* not sure if it matters but my drive is sata. it reads discs ok it seems, just cant play any dvds store bought or otherwise.
  14. After a ton of work I managed to get this bad boy up and going. I Installed Chameleon RC3, trashed the nvidia injector, added the graphics enabler into boot.plist, booted into safe mode and used kext utilty as well as reinstalling the BSD.pkg so that disk utility would repair the permissions (I had the missing packages error)......then here I am. Typing from SL Now to start tweaking the hell outta her. Thanks for this guide, all the comments, and anyone and everyone that works with this stuff.
  15. Alright, First off here are my specs: ASUS P6T (not deluxe) 12gb DDR3 1600 1.5tb sata Nvidia GTX 285 ******EDIT******** ALL BETTER NOW ****************** I am able to install 10.5.8 just fine. Now I want to move over to SL and I have yet to get the install to boot once. I have tried at least 20 installs with 20 different guides including this one. I followed the steps EXACTLY as they are listed to no avail. I am losing my mind trying to get this to boot. The install goes flawless, when i go to boot after the chamelon screen I am greeted almost instantly by a big hault graphic telling me to power down. I try again with -v to see whats going on and I notice there is a loading error on all the kexts from extra pretty much and a bad magic number malformed etc. and it gets stuck at serialatapi reconfiguration error. If anyone has got this to boot on my mobo and could offer some advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I will try again now to get the exact errors to list here.