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  1. Mac Pro 2008 w El capitan

    Ok.....so in Terminal, i typed sudo halt..........SAME result, my MacPro 2008 restarts. not shutting down *frustrated* kd
  2. Mac Pro 2008 w El capitan

    Thank you for replying and hopefully this will be the solution. I will not be able to try til tonight after i get home from work. one problem, what do i need to type exactly in Terminal just halt or there's more to the command? thank you. kd
  3. Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. I am @ a lost........ I have a Mac Pro 2008, ran beautifully n flawlessly w Yosemite. I recently upgraded to El Capitan (10.11.1). Since the upgrade, I CANNOT shut down. Everytimes I shut down, it would restarts. So basically i cannot shut down at all unless I press the power button.........while it's trying to restart. I scoured the internet but could not but could not find any solutions. if anyone can help, i'd greatly appreciate it. thank you, Katie D
  4. WOW, you got an even more of a deal for your Rig!! LOL. I will mainly use mine for video and photo editings. so far, I have a 512GB SSD running through a SATA PCIe controller card (Not the Apricorn Solo YET). Not sure why I don't see much diffference in speed as compared to my old hackintosh rig....Quad Core Q6700, 8GB RAM with the he controller card plugged into PCIe x1 slot since I only have 1 x16. Wheres on this MP, I am using x16 slot but don't see any in speed. Two things different, I had TRIM enabled on the old system running Mavericks. This MP is running Yosemite 10.10.1 WITHOUT TRIM since I've been reading TRIM causes Yosemite to crash....become unstable. Not sure if it's true so I didn't even bother to try enabling TRIM........could this be the difference........*bluh*, don't know. as with most nvidia graphics card, they should work with mac os x OOB. No boot up screen but don't bother me. I can put back the original MAC graphic card as per needed. Other idea to why there is no improvement in speed is maybe of my ram. The old system has 8GB of 800Mhz vs this one 14GB of 667Mhz. That's why I'm considering of getting 32GB @ 800Mz. The ram came with the system when I bought it. Not even sure if the RAMS are approved by Apple with proper heatsink or not........overheating?
  5. After a few years with Hackintosh scenes, I've decided to plunge and get a dinosaur Mac Pro 2008 3.1. I got a really good deal but I think it will still have a few more good years in the bag, especially with a few upgrades. Running Yosemite at the moment. Wondering if anyone can help me with a few things: 1) replaced the stock ATA DVD Rom with a SATA DVD Rom. Noticed that whenever the MP boots up, the dvd rom door pops open. The ATA ROM never did. 2) right now have 14GB of DDR2-5300 667Mhz. Planning to max out to 32GB. Should I add on another 18GB @ 667Mhz or would 32GB @ 800Mhz will make a noticeable difference that it's worth shelling $$$ to upgrade? 3) put in a SATA PCIe 2.0 controller card (in the x16 slot) to drive a 512GB SSD. Unfortunately, the power to drive the SSD is in the DVD rom area so I'd have to run an extension power cable to where the pcie slot. Planning to get an Apricorn Velocity Solo x2 Extreme (Amazon.com) to eliminate sata and power cables. Anyone have any experiences with this? or any suggestions to improve my current setup? Thanx. kd
  6. ML on DELL OPTIPLEX 745 Mini Tower

    tried all suggested but system still rebooting........removed RAM, LEGACY mode with smart reportin off, using the suggested kernel flags, using the latest chameleon 2.2 2238. what's interesting is after i apply chameleon bootlader to my usb flash drive, how come I don't see a org.chameleon.boot.plist, neither in /Extra nor in root. So I tried to put GraphicsEnabler=Yes and kernel flags -v npci=0x2000 at the boot screen but still rebooting. also, not sure if this is the cause of the problem or not but when I install windows 7, the reserved partition is installed on another internal HDD that I have but NOT on the OCZ SSD??? doesn't it usually create that reserved partition on the same drive? kd
  7. ML on DELL OPTIPLEX 745 Mini Tower

    my system can't even boot into the installation page. It keeps rebooting after I select my OS X installation usb flash drive. 2ndly, I am using a copy of ML 10.8.2 and not using a distro DVD so I don't have to choose any options at install do I? Yes, that's what I keep reading that it has to be in LEGACY mode and SMART reporting 'OFF'. I tried that before but no go. I will remove some RAMs and keep trying with a few new suggestions here and see where it will take me. yes, i am planning to install on an OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD disk, which already have Windows 7 on there. If it works, I may either partition that OCZ SSD or just wipe out windows 7 to put OS X on but the trouble is I couldn't even get into the installation screen. thank you. Katie D.
  8. ML on DELL OPTIPLEX 745 Mini Tower

    Thank you for responding, I'll give it a try and will let you know. can you tell me which thread 'he' stated that? Also, where can I find the org.plist? the chameleon org.plist? thanx. kd
  9. Hi, wondering if anyone can please help me. I have a Dell Optiplex 745 Mini Tower, specs as follow: - motherboard ORF703 (chipset Intel Q965, ICH8/R, latest BIOS 2.6.6) - CPU Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2.13Ghz - 8GB DDR2 800Mhz - ATI Radeon HD4650 - Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller - OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD - GSA-H3IN DVD writer I think all of the above is compatible for Mac OS X but I've been trying several methods to install Mountain Lion and couldn't: http://sereivathanak...ptiplex_18.html http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/ http://www.insanelym...sing-chameleon/ (which suppose to work for ML as well in one of the posts) http://www.insanelym...-for-beginners/ NOTE: have not tried Tonymacx86 method. my system keeps rebooting with flags PciRoot=1 or 0, GraphicsEnabler=No or Yes; with -v, it scrolls very fast then reboots so I couldn't even see the errors message. any help would greatly be appreciated. thank you katie d
  10. USB 3 orico pfu3-2p

    sorry about that, i am on my new tablet and not used to it yet i ended up retyping the post again thanks
  11. USB 3 orico pfu3-2p

    wondering if anyone can help me i am unable to get the orico pfu3 2p to work our of the box with 10.8.2 i do not have any other usb 3 kexts, such as pxhcd, caldigit.... the only time it worked was when i tried to fix my imessage, w chameleon bootable usb. but after reboot without the usb, my system again did not recognize the orico card any ideas? kd
  12. Orinico USB 3.0 card

    Thank you for responding. I did manage to find the IOUSBFamily.kext (containing the appleusbxhci.kext) from my wife's MacBook Pro 10.8.2. I copied the file over to my hackintosh 10.8.2 in S/L/E. Installed first with ###### but didn't work so i installed it again with Kext Utility and it also did not work. What was interesting was that my dual-boot windows 8 recognized that same orico usb 3 card What did I do wrong? maybe because of my pci-e from my board is not compatible but yet, windows 8 recognized it. Maybe I did not properly rebuild cache but i thought Kext Utility did the job after installing the kext......???? what i noticed is that when I Right-click on other .kexts, i can see an option to View Package but when I do that with the new IOUSBFamily.kext I don't have that option so i was wondering if it's installed wrong. please shed some lights on me. thanx. kd
  13. Orinico USB 3.0 card

    I hope this post is still active because i really need help. i recently purchased the Orico PFU3-P2 from http://www.newegg.co...9SIA1DS0DV6266. I used to have the file PXHCD.kext for my other USB 3 card which doesn't work well. I followed one of the above instructions, I deleted the .kext from S/L/E then used as suggested kext beast to rebuild cache but when i run it, it seems like it's installing an app or kext but doesn't say anything about rebuilding cache so I used Kext Utility. It said that it rebuild cache so I turned pc down and install the Orico controller card. turn on PC but i don't see any SuperSpeed USB in my System Profile??? I even plugged in the power molex. Ironically Windows 8 recognized the controller card so I know that it's working and not faulty. I am running ML 10.8.2. Does it matter which speed of PCI-e it's plugged into? which kexts I should have or not have? depends on which motherboard? if anyone is interested, this is my mobo http://h20000.www2.h...ectID=c01324212. Maybe I did not rebuild cache properly, how should I rebuild? can anyone please help me??? I don't want to go back to Windows just to be able to use this card. :-) Thanx. P.S. while doing some readings, this file AppleUSBXHCI kext keeps popping up in forums. I cannot find that file in S/L/E nor is it in S\L\E\IOUSBFamily.kext\Contents\PlugIns. Do I need that file and where can I find it? kate

    update..... my first attempt of recovering, i used data rescue 3. after reviewing the recovered contents, i noticed that it did recover .dmg along with various file formats......mp3, wav, jpg, bmp, avi, mov.......but NO mkvs. however, i did see mkvs recovered by testdisk which i haven't had a chance to look through. throughly looking all the dmg recovered by data rescue 3, almost HALF of the files have errors when trying to open/mount them. i get codes like "no mountable file systems", "error -4960", "not recognized"...... what else should I try to do? i've read up on 'no mountable file systems', some sites recommend using data rescue 3 or DiskWarrior to repair. I've tried to use Verify disk or Disk repair of Disk Utility but didn't work..... thanx. katie

    I've tried testdisk and quick browsing through, i did see a few .mkvs but there are tons of folders that i haven't had a chance to go through them thoroughly yet. thanx. will let you know katie