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  1. NSCXP2005 is right. I've found this out just before opening the thread again for replying that i've found the solution.I was just a little bit to careful about my chameleon installation. To sum up: 1.Boot your Ubuntu(or whatever) Linux Installation and go through it until you hit the Partition Selection screen. 2.Make sure your / filesystem is ext4(since others have reported that ext3 is somehow NOT working) 3.Make sure you select your / PARTITION(yes partition) for bootloader installation this will install the grub-stage1 loader into the GPT Partitions Bootblock and make it therefore detectable by Chameleon. 4.Have fun Thank you all for your help maltba
  2. Hey Guys, I've ran into some problems when installing Linux on my OSX Drive. I have 2 Drives: 1 500GB GPT Drive with only Mountain Lion installed 1 1TB MBR Drive for Windows and Data yesterday I've tried installing Linux(in detail Ubuntu 12.04) on a second partition on the GPT Drive. I've used the --no-bootloader switch on ubiquity for protecting my chameleon install. Problem is now that Chameleon won't detect the new Ubuntu install whether ext4,ext3 or ext2 filesystem. This obviously refers to the missing grub2 bootloader of the Linux drive, but wouldn't be chameleon erased if I install grub2? Any thoughts/ideas how to solve this mess are very appreciated. Thanks in advance maltba
  3. i've just took the installation stick and booted up the Mountain Lion Partition with it.I think your problem is dual booting related. are you on a mbr drive? if not try to unconnected all other drives beside the mac os x drive and then try booting up with the installation usb stick(just choose the Mountain Lion Partition when Chameleon appears) and if it boots then try reinstalling chameleon. also make sure you select the correct drive in bios boot orders. for qe/ci - if its not working oob - check this here: QE_CI Exotic patch Mountain Lion GM.zip just drag both kext files into the kext utility app. i have a radeon 4890. to get the garbled gui at first i had to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No. for the audio. make sure you install the kext with the Kext Utility app i've provided. Also make sure you've installed the DSDT.aml i've provided.Furthermore make sure you don't use that one they've inserted into my post. download this one: http://freakshare.com/files/85z2yc39/AppleHDA.kext.zip.html and install it with the Kext Utility App if you can't follow my instructions just say it.if you want i can make a video for you,but i'm on vacation for a week first.also i could help you with team viewer or vnc if you want to.you write a pm and i'll gladly help you in a week. hope this crappy english helps you. maltba
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to share the outcomes of my work with you. got my rampage 2 extreme fully working !with! Audio. Instructions: 1.Use the MLionize Script to make your boot medium. 2.Install(maybe you will need GraphicsEnabler=No) 3.don't run the finalize thing 4.start again with the usb stick 5.install chameleon: Chameleon-2.1svn-r2042.pkg.zip **maybe you don't need this step** 6.make a new folder called Extra on the root of your installation hard drive ******************************************* 7.copy this into it:DSDT.aml.zip 8.generate a smbios.plist place it in /Extra too(or just use the one from the usb stick) 9.generate a com.chameleon.boot.plist place it in /Extra too(or just use the one form the usb stick) (Chameleon Wizard is a good tool for 8. & 9.) For Audio -Download this:Kext Utility.zip and this: ***wrong one look at the bottom****AD2000b-ML-10.8-AppleHDA.kext patch credits to ErmaC here post #70**** -Extract both and just drop the AppleHDA.kext at the Kext Utility App make you you've installed the correct DSDT(the one from 7.) -reboot and enjoy proof: everything seems to work now. though i don't tested sleep yet. I'll report back when i've tested it. sleep works well. maltba edit:// who the {censored} changed the AD2000B kext? THIS IS THE WRONG ONE! this kext is missing the Info.plist at AppleHDA.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext/Contents/Info.plist! if you don't believe me check it yourself. i've fixed that problem. thats why its working for me -.- here is the CORRECT File: http://freakshare.com/files/85z2yc39/AppleHDA.kext.zip.html CREDITS GO to ErmaC! but i've fixed the kext he provided here: patch credits to ErmaC here post #70
  5. Personality Editing on 10.8

    Hey Guys, need some help with editing the Motmot Personality under Mountain Lion. I've successfully managed it to get my dual monitor setup working on 10.7. But to edit the ATI4800Controller.kext on 10.8 i need the address of the Motmot Connector Table. The script i've normally used to get that address(ati-personality.pl) doesn't seem to work anymore on 10.8 due to the change in naming the Binary inside the kext( it changed from ATI4800Controller to AMD4800Controller). Is there some skilled Perl Developer out there who can edit the file to fit the new naming standard? Or if not is there someone who could provide me with the output of this script under lion? So that i can simply hex search for the connector info and get the address by this. i can't do this because i don't have the original ATI4800Controller.kexts for Lion anymore. Thanks in Advance maltba
  6. Ok guys i fixed it. Just forgot to update the Kernel Caches after I Installed the Kexts from fantomas. -.- Single Display is working now but no dual display but this is a problem with the Motmot Personality which i can fix myself. Many thanks for your help A Difference from 10.7 is although definitly that the 4890 isn't wokring anymore without the qe/ci patch. althought this isn't a problem if you know it^^ For everyone reading this thread: GraphicsEnabler=Yes fantomas 48xx qe/ci Enabler kexts !!use cvads kext utility to install the kexts!! and then everything will run smoothly. see you maltba
  7. sorry my internet was messed up yesterday evening -.- i tried this though but it doesn't seem to work. Also it seems like i don't even get this ***DEVICE IN SLOT-1*** Message which i usually get on lion before the gui starts up. To me it really looks like chameleon isn't injecting the graphic card correctly. I will try to change the pcie port of the card now because i've changed the port recently to the 2nd one, because the first one had some strange problems. Furthermore i will try to set up vnc on mountain lion and try to vnc into it when its booted up fully with graphicsenabler=yes and post some ioreg stuff. Will report back soon.
  8. i don't think that this would work. i've tried this before on lion because this kext was always loaded when i messed up my ati4800Controller.kext, while editing the personalities. when i've tried that on lion it crashed my hole system. maybe someone with a working 4890 on 10.8 could provide me his ATI4800Controller.kext and his ATIRadeonX2000.kext that would be awesome. thanks in advance.
  9. Hey Guys, need some help with my Mountain Lion Installation. I have a very smooth running 10.7.3 with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and a custom Personality for dual Monitor Support. System specs are: Rampage II Extreme Intel i7 920 Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 2GB Current Custom Kexts in 10.8 are: FakeSMC - some old version don't know if it ever got updated but it works fine in lion IONetworkingFamily\Yukon2.kext IOBlockStorage - some patched plist for proper detection of the ICH10R chipset My problem is that the GraphicsEnabler simply does not inject the card into 10.8. I am not able to get to the login screen with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. If i boot with GraphicsEnabler=No then OS X is loading some generic NV50HAL driver which only gives me 1440x900 Resolution w/o QE/CL. This behaviour is also different from Lion, where even when GraphicsEnabler=No the right driver is picked but because of the wrong standard personality the dual monitors aren't working. Does anybody else ran into that problem and might give me a hint what i'm doing wrong? If you need more information i will be happily answer your questions. thanks in advance maltba
  10. Hey Everyone, for those with a ATI 4890 out there. I fixed my sleep finally with disabling the "Repost Video on S3 Resume" option in bios. Just for those who are getting a scrambled screen after sleep wakeup. and for those who don't even get a video output while booting the install usb stick, try to set GraphicsEnabler=No in the Bootplist( or just start with the argument GraphicsEnabler=No) and add the ATY_Init.kext into the <USB-STICK>/Extra/Extensions folder
  11. Hi everyone, just made a quick modification to the script. For those who only have the InstallESD.dmg(like me ) Just place your InstallESD.dmg in BOX Folder just like the COMBO Update. Rest of Process is similar. Credits for the original script go to ErmaC, i just changed a few lines. BTW amazing work this script. Hope you enjoy. As always no warranty maltba. would be nice as someone maybe is able to help me? Getting "still waiting for root device error". Maybe its because i downloaded the new version from the mac appstore( 10.7.2). i'm about to try it with the 10.7 InstallESD.dmg hopefully this helps. Are there any other Ideas why this actually happens? Lionize_V1.06.03_modified.zip
  12. come on can nobody help me? i've now spotted the last line the line is Starting Darwin/x86 seems to be something with the kernel are there other Kernels included in this disk? or is this maybe a problem because its a USB3 MOBO? greeets maltba
  13. Hi need some help for installing Snow Leo on a AMD Machine System Data: CPU: AMD Phenom X4 955 BE MOBO: Gigabyte GA-790XT-USB3 Graphic: MSI GTS250(nVidia) But after downloading and burning the image it won't boot! it reboots before the Graphical screen comes up just say two lines like: Reading HFS+ File mach_kernel and then reboot even when try to load the modbin kernel it reboot instantly.similar when using the -v or the -x or cpus=1 flag anyone have an idea why? p.s BIOS Setting are ok.i have checked this three times now!! greets maltba
  14. Boot CD for Rampage II Extreme

    no one wants to answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when you don't know it then write but don't say nothing