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  1. Can I use this on an already working install just to take advantage of the official updates?
  2. i'm sorry if this has been answered before, but i've searched around and even googled around to no avail. i'm using a kalyway 10.5.2 AMD release. because i have an amd cpu, if i want to do this i have to include certain patched kexts, along with completely new ones to make sure my system will boot up properly. can anyone tell me what to look for in picking kexts to include, or provide me with a complete list of required kexts? thanks
  3. ph33r213

    10.5.5 update?

    Works on Kalyway 10.5.2 updated to 10.5.4, and now 10.5.5 , all using the AMD Software Patcher 0.5. AMD 3500+ MSI K8N Neo4 SLI,
  4. ph33r213

    Leopard (kalyway 10.5.2)

    Make sure the drive you're installing to is set to master, format it to FAT32, and try setting it as the active partition.
  5. thanks for this. this should probably be added to the first post
  6. Maybe the sound being 'too crispy' was because it was going through the rear output? I believe that uses a different codec.
  7. Couldn't cron be used to maybe reload the driver every 5 minutes ago? I don't know much about how to go about doing it, but maybe someone where with Linux experience could go about it.
  8. ph33r213

    "unable to create file" error

    Same thing happened to me, I have decent media (memorex) and a okay dvd burner. Try to burn the disk as slow as you can, no higher than 4x. I used Alcohol 120% to burn mine. It took 2 other dvds before i got one that worked, haha. I guess you just have to get lucky. Edit: Your single layer dvds are fine. That's what I used.
  9. ph33r213

    DVDs don't seem to burn right.

    I got it to work, I just burned another disk and hoped for the best Thanks anyway, haha.
  10. I have a Lite-On DVDRW SOWH-1653S. I'm using Memorex DVD+R media, which I've used before for other purposes. I burn the osx images using magiciso at the slowest speed, which I believe is around 5mb/s. I've burned two dvds so far and they both can't install 'essentials' saying they cant read the disc. Is there a better way I could burn the images? What does everybody else do?
  11. I fixed it, well, atleast i got the harddrive back. I took apart an old external HD, I put the harddrive in and just formatted it through windows, now its pretty much the way it was. Maybe this would help someone else with the same problem.
  12. It is the default, but the thing is, it doesn't get far enough for me to either change the bios settings or for it to even attempt to boot from the harddrive. I had osx 10.4.7 working for quite a while using the same hardware, so I know its possible, but I just don't get why the bios wont keep going after that point.
  13. Even though the OS isnt installed yet, i thought it would fit in here. I have a msi k8n neo4 sli motherboard. Using the installer I formatted my IDE harddrive, but when i went to restart it, the bios would just stay stuck on the splash screen. I disconnected it, and turned off the splash screen, which would show me what the bios was doing as it was starting up. I plugged the harddrive back in and turned it on. It would just stay frozen after detecting all my devices, even the harddrive as its model number showed up. I'm afraid to try with another harddrive as that's the one im using to post this, and I wouldn't want to ruin that one too. Any ideas?