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  1. So, the backlight on my 2-or-so years old MBP broke, and I decided to create a small desktop Mac out of the MBP. The problem is when the laptop is booting up, it's using the internal display (no longer connected) as primary display, and isn't using the external one until I'm inside the OS. I want to change this. Is there some kind of way to edit EFI boot strings, or something similar so it boots using the external display (DVI/VGA) instead of the internal display (LVDS)? Perhaps using rEFIt?
  2. Well, a small update. As of the new version, running SSE4 and no VSync, I'm getting: 70 Updates/s and 23 Gflops
  3. JBeed

    OpenCL Benches: OLD

    2.4GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, 8600M GT (256MB) qJulia (800x800): static shows 10 - 11 FPS animated shows 9 - 11 FPS Grass: 27 - 29 FPS
  4. I'm a bit worried here. My MacBook Pro (2.4GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, 8600M GT) is getting only 10 Gflops (30 Updates/s) when using the GPU. If I'm using the Vector Multi-core setting, I get about 20 Gflops from the CPU. I've tried to shut down all the windows, and I've tried with the machine newly restarted. I've also tried installing CUDA (and the CUDA-files are there, checked), but there is no difference at all. It's stuck at exactly 10 Gflops and 30 Updates/s, no change at all. The weird thing, though, is that even if I'm running a game in the background (World of Warcraft), I get the exact same performance in this application; isn't the performance supposed to be lower if there's another application using the GPU? Anyone else here with a MacBook Pro running 8600M GT that can post their results, so I have something to compare against?