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  1. I'm wondering if it's possible to set up a forum over a LAN for a little while I've been trying to set up a futaba style imageboard for local users using the websharing in snow leopard, i've enabled php and the sites show up fine but anytime I try to upload it gives me errors about uploading I'm in no way an expert in this, but I'm trying to learn this.. anything would be appreciated
  2. im assuming xp is before osx, so i don't think you can, but you could try shrinking the xp partition inside xp, and enlarging the osx partition inside osx i really doubt that will work, but it's worth a shot alternatively, you can shrink your xp partition, and create a blank partition to place all your files for storage and use them with either os
  3. Fedora 12 won't boot

    mods, can you move this to *nix? maybe i'll get results faster there
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place.. I'm trying to dual boot osx and fedora on my macbook 5,1 everything seems to install fine, but it won't show up at the boot screen i set 40gb for fedora, ext4, as "/" and 200mb for "/boot" as ext2 (which later says ext4 anyway) i'm using the fedora 12 live cd, i don't know why it's not working any help is appreciated, thanks
  5. Trying to upgrade from 10.5.2 Kalyway to 10.5.8

    try hooking up an external monitor at boot to see if its changed something, the blue screen is usually what i get when it goes external..
  6. ok, so i know this has probably been discussed more than a few times, but its hard to follow in a thread with thousands of posts... so from what i understand i install the gma x3100 kexts then i patch them with the 4500mhd bash file thing via the terminal, and repair permissions.. and this is working other than always going to an external monitor.. if anyone can explain to me what to do, it would be greatly appreciated.. if i could fix this, i would be very close to having everything atleast partially functional other than the motion eye webcam(which works when taking a photo at first boot)
  7. sony vaio fw230j/h

    and you used the info in the thread to get the resolution fixed? nothing else?
  8. sony vaio fw230j/h

    ah, well it looks like i'm gonna stick to windows then.. i was really hoping to be able to use cs4 cs3 would be fine, but i do alot of stuff with video too
  9. sony vaio fw230j/h

    ok, i wasnt sure if there was some way to have one resoldered to the board or something... what will i expect to lose without QE/CI/HA? obviously i wont be able to play games, but what about doing any kind of graphic design?(non 3d)
  10. sony vaio fw230j/h

    i have the intel 4500mhd, i saw a thread before where they had been able to set the resolution higher.. the card isnt supported and most likely never will be, but id like to atleast be able to get rid of the stretching.. there isnt any way to swap for an x3100 is there?
  11. sony vaio fw230j/h

    if i'm successful in getting things all working properly(for the most part) i'll bundle the kexts necessary, maybe write up what ive had to do..
  12. sony vaio fw230j/h

    thank you, i'll try that and report back with my results and the broadcom 43xx are a different type, and wont plug into mine i think i found a wifi card to replace mine Dell Wireless 1397 it looks like its working in msi winds, and it is the half size like the 5100agn.. as far as the resolution, i cant get it to load into another resolution with "graphics mode"="1234x123x12" maybe it is because i'm trying to get my native resolution of 1600x900? anyone know if there is a cap or certain resolution i need to use?
  13. sony vaio fw230j/h

    can anyone tell me if there are any wifi cards that i can replace my 5100agn for? from what i can tell they all plug in the same, but the 5100 is just half size.. so, would it be possible to still use say a broadcom 3945 even though its twice as long? it looks like i have the extra space for it, but it wont have a place to screw it down at..
  14. how how can you tell that its not working 100%? i believe that the 'fix' for the 'about this mac' is just a fix that shows a number set by the person who made the fix.. hence 1.6ghz(almost all netbooks are 1.6)