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  1. Install OS X 10.4

    I just download a copy of Mac OS X Install DVD.toast torrent and I need to install it onto my iMac G3. Problem is I downloaded it on my Windows laptop and I need to burn it from my Windows laptop. How can I burn it from my windows laptop and still make it boot and install on my iMac???
  2. iATKOS v7 on HP Pavilion dv6000

    AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile Technology TL-60 at 2 GHz.... 3 GB DDR2 memory..... NVIDIA GeForce 7150M/nForce 630M and a 149 GB hard drive.
  3. iATKOS v7 on HP Pavilion dv6000

    Alright. So im still a little confused. Iv never done this before so deal with me if i seem dumb. So one: Leo4allv2 i know you cant post torrent or watever links but is this a torrent or a real dvd? and will it install on my AMD computer. Its a HP Pavilion dv6000. And two: I want to have this as the only operating system but i can partition it for now and fix it later. So im using EASEUS Partition Maneger and idk wat to format the partition to. Do i format it to FAT or FAT32 or NTFS or Unformatted. Im probably gonna use Leo4allv2 like posted by Das_Human. so wat do i do
  4. iATKOS v7 on HP Pavilion dv6000

    How might i find what my SATA controller is?? My coputer is newer. It had Vista wen i baught it so its fairly new
  5. iATKOS v7 on HP Pavilion dv6000

    No i have read some guides. When I go to disk utilities it doesnt give me anything to selct cuz iv done that b4 too. how do i format my hard drive and what do i format it to? Iv tried several different Mac OSX86 to so this isnt the first time iv tried
  6. Ok so I have a dv6000 Hp Pavilion. It has Windows 7 and im trying to install iATKOS v7 on my hard drive as the only OS. I can get to the welcome screen but wen i go to select a destination ot only gives me the disk whitch isnt big enough anyways. I need to install it on my hard drive. wats my problem