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  1. I got the same problem, with chameleon 2 RC1 my computer will go into a infinity reboot loop and with RC3 I got stuck at "boot1:/boot"(not even got apple cursor spinning......)
  2. I just successfully installed the SL onto a separate GPT HDD by following verdant's guide. However, I can only boot it from usb stick. my computer wont load the newly installed chameleon instead it just load windows 7 on another hard disk. I tried to easybcd but windows 7 doesnt recognize the GUID hd which I installed SL on. I also tried to set the boot flag on SL hd and the computer not even boot. Anyone know how to sort this out?
  3. hi all, I just had my first attempt to install SL on my evga 750i ftw mobo/Q6600 cpu but failed. The first problem is that my mobo wont boot from a usb stick. What I did is that install SL under leopard, and then manually install the kexts, *.plists, DSDT.aml and chameleon 2.0 RC1 onto the newly installed SL volume followed by verdant's guide here. After all necessary installations done I reboot and my computer went into an infinity reboot loop.I managed to get rid of it by changing the boot flag back to the Leopard partition(with chameleon 1.0 from the IPC 10.5.6). So I think is chameleon 2.0 causing the problem. I have tried install chameleon 2.0 RC1/2 and the result was the same. Seems my computer doesnt support for chameleon 2.0....... Do anyone have solution for this issue? and anyone here with 750i can get it boot from usb drive? TIA for any helps EDIT: just tried chameleon 2.0 RC3 but still no luck. this time the computer wont reboot repeatly but went to black screen and dead after boot to SL.
  4. Chameleon Install: Infinite Reboot Loop

    same here! I got the reboot loop after installation of Chameleon 2.0 RCx, Chameleon 1.0 is fine for me though. anyone have an idea whats going on?
  5. wow Verdant, glad to hear u got SL working on series 6/7 nForce mobo(i got 750i lol)! patiently waiting for your "Installing OS X to your target HDD volume partitioned/formatted as MBR/HFS+" guide, since I only have one hard drive with MBR formatted T-T. Great job anyway, keep going!