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  1. The build you are using does not support 3D. Wait a few more days it is set to release pretty soon. The 3D support is coming in the beta2 build. The build I have has the 3D in it but is somewhere in between beta1 and beta2. Oh and for those asking me in PMs for a copy....please don't I am just deleting those types of requests. Shaders dont work very well but I am finding some DX9 games like Max Payne 2 actually do work. It is sort of hit or miss there it seems. There are soo many games to try. Again if you are a casual gamer then this is a viable option. Hardcore gamers who must have SLI and such stick with windows. I am a hardcore gamer and I have a machine dedicated just for games. My Mac (hac) is a backup machine and one I play with to learn hardware/software.
  2. FYI I have the same problem with an 805 and a 920. Temps are usually in the 30s so I know that temp is NOT an issue. I found this post last night after I fubared my install. That I can fix this CPU thing is a mystery to me. But at least I can say it is not a temp problem. But the symptoms described are the same. Prasys mentioned on IRC that this could be a timing issue. I added the fsb=133 (I have 533) to address this and see what would happen. This did not make any difference. I shut off any power mangement in the BIOS and tried a number of combination of things with no success. It seems to make no difference what I did. I am sure that this is an OS issue at this point. 2 CPUs and 2GBs of memory (with different modules swapped in to rule out memory) and I am still having this issue as well. It runs well with 1 CPU however. Just not 2.
  3. Well none in the build that I have. It doesn't mean they aren't working on it tho. Hopefully we will see it soon. Oh and to answer the question, No oblivion does not work. Even with the oldblivion patch I was saddened to see that. That said tho I did not test heavily either. So I may try again at a future date. FFXI failed...Playonline worked tho but it was super slow. So there may be something there i need to look at as well. Steam games are still installing in my VM once those are up and running I will start testing and let you know how it went. CS:S and HL2 are supposed to be able to kick back to DX7 from what I have heard so if that is the case then DX8.1 should not be an issue. But one can only hope.
  4. Legalize Mac OS X86

    Still it will break the EULA. Assuming they dont have some loophole in there somehow which is not likley.
  5. At the moment there is no way to get this. I have it because I have a connection at Vmware. I was asked not to release it and so I wont. But I have no issues posting screenies and tests.
  6. You make the assumption that the VM is using the video card to render the game. I will test this on an GMA950 and post screenies and put this to rest. The VMware implementation seems to be taxing my CPU more than it is the video card form what I am seeing. I am using a 6500 which is a pretty weak card for the most part. Yet I am still getting pretty good performance that I would not ordinarily get even on a physical box. Check out my GCL you will see what i mean there. You still have not been able to shoot down the other 3 points I have made. And at this time Cider is vaporware as it is not even released. Once it is ported and working then we can talk more about the subject. Until then VMs are IMO the better (easier) way to get more games running on MacOSX. Not all modern games will run but then I havent tested all of them yet. The real popular ones like WoW are already native ports so it makes no sense to test those. Oblivion I think can run as well as CS2 and HL2 since it downscales to DX8. Guild wars already works in a VM (sans shaders) Please post any info in Ciders capabilities for comparison on this. At this time Cider is not even released. No beta as far as I am aware. If there is one tho I would very much like to test it tho.
  7. Cider is based on cedega which is based on winex which is based on wine....Cedega is ok but their support for the games they support is not always great. I used it for the better part of 2 years before I dropped it. It does not support the majority of the games I play. Cider is just a port of Cedega. While in theory it is an awesome concept in practice it seems to not work (based on my experience with the linux version) Only point number 4 would be obsoleted in your point. Otherwise my other points hold up just fine since Cider is not "emulating" it is an API layer that translates. This is what wine is what winex /cedega is based off of and I am sure cider will be as well. Oh and 5 bucks a month to use the product. In order to stay current with the product you will likley have to pay a monthly fee. On top of maybe say an MMO or 2 this will get expensive. This is transgaming's buisness model. They have alot of slick marketing speak in ther website about cider. They have a very overhyped description about cedega on their website as well. Their "supported" games often times do not always work great. They are slow or have some major bugs. This is not to say VMs will not be that way. But from my own experience (and this is a very individualized thing) I find that more games that I play work in Fusion now than they do in cedega if at all. So respectfully I only think my last point is the one that may be obsoleted at some point. The others will not for a while because of the way Cider is built. Winex/cedega has been around for almost 8 years (maybe more) and this is where they are at not bad but still alot of improvement needs to be made. VMware started development on 3d about 2 years ago. Both are commercial projects. With the added resources coming from VMwares upcoming IPO I think things will be alot faster then as well. And the above points do not only have to apply to gaming. There are many many apps not on the Mac that people may find useful or that will ONLY work on windows. This is where a VM is especially handy.
  8. Here are some of reasons I would want to play games in a VM. These are my opinions and I have use for this scenario. May not necessarily apply to your situation. If it does great this can be helpful. If you are a hardcore gamer use a physical box. This is more for portability and "it just works" than for massive power. 1. Portability. This is ideal in cases where reinstalling a game can be a real drag. I can carry the installation in a VM on a DVD or DL-DVD (which would likley be the case). I can play it on any mac that has a copy of fusion on it (and if it doesnt install it as it is way quicker to install fusion than to install a game) 2. Time. Installation and configuration of a game to your preferences on another system takes time. 3. Sharing the VM. For those who may have created the 1337 w!nd0wz gaming VM this is a way to brag about your sk!11z. 4, Windows games on a Mac!!! c'mon this is cool!! For the nay sayers keep on nay saying. if you can do better then bring it, don't sing it. People will say blah blah performance this and it only supports that. I only have to say...whatever... 3D virtualization is a fairly new technology and is subject to growing pains much like other software that is IN BETA. It isnt perfect but it seems to be better than the alternatives available at this time IMO. So those are some of the thought I have on the subject. Working with Virtualization products all the time for security testing and server and desktop mangement has made me see the potential this has on alot of day to day computer uses. Because I am a gamer I am especially excited here because I also want to be free of windows as a main system.
  9. I am using Version 1.0b2 (40823) Like I said this build will probably be outdated eventually anyway when the next beta is released. I I will be testing oblivion next. It will likley not work out of the box BUT I can get it to work using the oldblivion mod. That is supposed to downscale the graphics some. There are allot of games on my list that have that I am testing. As for Embio's question No Compiz and xgl will not work as that is Opengl not DX. I have tried this already Oblivion w/ oldblivion mod (I will test without it just to see what happens tho) Steam: CS2 HL2, ect. Red Faction Lego Star Wars 1 and 2 (since they support GeForce3 cards it is a possibility that this one may work) Final Fantasy 11 (someone on the VMware forums reported getting this working in Workstation on Linux some time ago I imagine there may have been improvements since then so hopefully I will have more luck especially since I play this one) And alot of my old favroites like Interstate 76 and others that have shoddy support on XP/2003. I will be testing these games on Windows 98 and windows 2003 (Some games may require the legacy support. Once the build is released I am hoping more people will post their experiences here). I have alot of games I have acumalated over the years so I am looking forward to testing them on a VM. Gives me a reason to try them out
  10. I have a hard time believing anything parallels says. First they say They are going to enable the ability to run MacOSX on PCs (which is explicitly against apple policy anyway) and now they have recently gone back and said they wont do it unless apple lets them. Which apparently is not going to happen. The contridictions as a company really do not bolster my confidence in their product. I cannot count on them doing what they will say they will do. 3D was supposed to be out in the latest parallels release as well. Where is that? VMware didnt even announce it they just brought it. Parallels also claimed VMware has not had 3D in their software which is a flat out lie as the ability to run 3D has been in Workstation for about 2 years!! Anyway enough of my rant. I am a bit of a VMware fanboi. But that is cause I use the products and have been for a long time now with very few issues. Parallels has proven to be buggy and the support has been shady at times for me. I prefer a more established company in this case. VMware does not tell you they will do something then not do it. At least I can count on consistency there. Not just feature creep like coherence (sorry but It is just the ability to remove the UI from the program) which I imagine VMware will do something similar and 1 up Parallels on this. They already got the 3D going. /end 2am rant.
  11. Game: Guild Wars (all expansions ) FPS: 20-80. Really depended on what i was doing on the host. But for the most part it ran at 30-40FPS Windows Version: Win2k3 (eXperience edition) with DX9.0C With a Fix for crippled DX9.0c on server 2003 issue (see howto below) Physical Hardware: ECS 945P-A 1.1 Pentium D 805 Running with cpus=1 flag (no dual core here) Nvidia 6500 2GB of Ram Other Notes: Ran pretty good actually on this machine. a Few minor graphical glitches and occasional slowdowns but otherwise ok. I expect once the debug feature is removed (which is currently hindering performance) and general performance tweaks get applied that this will get better in general. The performance was playable despite my running one core. It was much more responsive once I stopped running the apps of course. To fix DX9.0C to get server 2003 (best performing OS in the windows line atm) Download DX9.0B from oldversion.com and the latest DX9.0C redistrib. Extract!! Do not execute them. In the DX9.0B also extract the redistrib file. In the redistrib folder copy any file with setup in the name into the DX9.0C folder. Say yes to overwrite. Open regedit and go to HKLM/Software/microsoft and delete the DirectX key only!!! Run the DXsetup.exe in the DX9.0C folder and install **Please have VMware tools and 3D Acceleration enabled** Here are some images. Like I said not perfect but playable As you can clearly see shaders are not exactly working. Downloads went fairly quick By default my settings were at medium. That seemed to have a pretty big impact so i cranked it down to where I could play at decent FPS. My VM desktop. NOTE: The above howto WILL apply when the next beta comes out. It wont at this time with the current public beta out. I currently have a working build that supports what I stated. I will post screenshots soon. The Windows 2003 info can apply to a physical installation as well as the VM but the VM will probably be better off with the fix. This info can also apply to the other versions of VMware like workstation on Linux and Windows (though what is the point of that one eh?) I havent tested on those platforms so I cannot confirm.
  12. Apology for the wiki

    I have no idea I just saw the name at the top of the list. I haven't been on in a while and the prospect of gaming in VMs is interesting to me so I want setup my Mac for that. I borrowed a friends hackintosh for testing. some Fusion as well. If there is anyone else who can fix this go right ahead. I am staying off the wiki unless I am just reading. I feel pretty bad about the mess up.
  13. There is a performance hit for sure but if you are a hardcore gamer then you are really better off staying on windows and doing your gaming on a rig like that. For the most part Dual CPU systems will be taken advantage of in a VM so the performance will vary depending on the setup you have. I dont know how VMware built the Virtual Video card but I do know that it performs well on all the apple line machines. So I imagine the 3D is CPU dependent since the video cards are not high end on all the mac models.
  14. Hey guys. I managed to get a hold of the build of Fusion that has 3D enabled like in the video circulating. I am interested in using this thread as a GCL (Games Compatibility List) once the build is released. Basically we can just post in the following example format (I made the info up BTW it is not accurate it is just as an example): Game: Half Life FPS: 90 Windows Version: WinXPSP2, Win2000, win98, Win2k3 Physical Hardware: ECS 945P-A 1.1 Nvidia 6500 2GB of Ram Other Notes: Runs well lower memory systems will suffer tho I am finding that there are a decent amount of games that work on Fusion. Guild Wars is one of them. Despite being a DX9.0 game it seems to work even if a little buggy ( I will add details to the GCL shortly). As it will be released in a few weeks anyway with more updates than what I have presently, so everyone can generally wait for it. If the insanleymac project team needs proof of what I am saying they can PM me privately I can verify any and all claims I am making to them. I am posting this so people who want to can start testing once the new build is released.