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  1. Excellent. Thanks again. After 5-6 years of doing this with almost zero issues I thought I was on top of it haha.
  2. Haha. Yeah was a bit like that. Created usb as boot uefi only and everything shows up including Windows. Windows boots fine but osx doesn't anymore so now gotta try figure out how to get that going and then should be good to go.
  3. Ahh ok it's starting to make sense now. Sorry mate. Correct me if i'm wrong. Leave Windows and osx installs as they are as both work fine, just not via a boot loader yet. Download clover and instead of installing it to the osx drive, install it to a usb thumb drive instead with whatever settings I think might work. Have my bios boot to the clover usb first and it should then load up clover and see all my partitions including Windows? I assume Windows will just boot normally when I select it but getting osx to boot will be a matter of trying different settings until it works. On the right track? Thanks mate.
  4. Sorry to sound so dumb but what do you mean experiment with clover on usb drive? I've had a look at the guides above and just can't make heads and tails of it all as to where to start. Not having to reinstall Windows or osx is a good thing though.
  5. Thanks. Been doing this for years but really can't get my head around this clover business. I can't format/delete/re-install my Windows install. It has to remain. I don't mind if have to redo the osx one though. Rather avoid that also though if possible. Looking for a simple guide for this scenario if one exists. My current osx works fine so was hoping could just add something to it to fix the Windows boot issue. Cheers.
  6. Hi All, Never had this before. Have just this morning installed 10.9.4 on a spare mechanical HD and it's working awesome. Issue i'm having though is i can't boot into windows from Chameleon as it can't see the Windows boot partition. It only shows the main windows partition which isn't bootable. Previously Chameleon would always show "System Reserved" for the windows boot partition which i just renamed to "Windows" and i'd hide the normal data partition. Any ideas? I can boot into OSX fine through Chameleon but to boot into windows i have to do it through my Motherboard boot options menu which is no good. Help would be greatly appreciated. Windows 8.1 on a Samsung SSD. In disk utility via OSX the windows boot partitions show as greyed out which has something to do with it no doubt. Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7, 16gb RAM, GTX 760.
  7. Nvidia 660ti/760 question - Hackintosh

    Excellent. Thank you. Some of the posts i read about the blank boot were around a year old so was hoping it would be an issue mostly fixed by now. Did you get the 760 working pretty strait forward? I used to have a 4890 which was drop in, load a single kext and away you go. The 6950 was a nightmare and still has a mind of it's own today.
  8. Hi All, About to update from a 6950 (i know - shoot me now) Looking at either a 660ti or 760 as they appear to be out of box ready which suits me nicely compared to the headaches of the above. I have read these cards don't show a boot screen though. Is this correct? I have OSX on one HD and Windows 7 on another with chameleon letting me chose which to boot into. Am i correct is saying that with the above 660ti/760's i will no longer see this screen to be able to choose? This is a major issue obviously if that's the case. How do i get around it? Thanks for the help.
  9. 6950 Help

    Hi all, Running 10.7.1 as per a lot of the guys over on netkas forum and just got a 6950. I've installed it in the PC but am getting the following error "Memory Allocation Error! Addr=0xdeadbeef, Size=0x0, File=ati.c, Line=736 This is a non recoverable error! System HALTED!!!" Seems most people get a grey boot screen then just soft reboot and it's ok, install the netkas native package and away you go. I am unable to get into OSX itself though. I've tried booting as single user and safe mode and get the above error both times. I still have my old 4890 so can boot into OSX with that still. Help would be appreciated.
  10. Upgrade to 10.7.1

    OK. Fixed an initial AppleHDA KP by booting into safe mode and rolling back HDA. Then got a VoodoHDA KP instead so removed the voodoo kext and now booting into 10.7.1 just fine with full graphics via netkas QE/CI update. No audio though. Hopefully can fix that shortly but no hurry. Any ideas i'd be glad to hear them! Cheers
  11. Upgrade to 10.7.1

    Hi All, Got a Kakewalk install of 10.7 at the moment with ATI 4890 using the QE/CI update from netkas. Can i just install a 10.7.1 update over the top and be fine? Help would be appreciated. Spent a whole night transferring data from a 10.6.8 install. Would love to avoid having to do a fresh install and transferring all over again. Thanks.
  12. AMD HD6970 working under Lion courtesy of Netkas

    HI There, I have a 4890 working under lion at the moment (kaewalk install - Enabler=N). Can i install the 6970 into the PC and then boot into lion and install native installer from this page? Or will lion not boot as won't recognise the card at all before drivers installed? Could i install the drivers while the 4890 still running then just power down and install new 6970 to the PC and it will load up fine? Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. Ex58 UD4P No Sound

    Resolved: Loaded up [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and installed the "universal" audio drivers and was fine. Immediately after install i got the "please turn off your computer" error message saying it couldn't find a valid PCI adaptor but a quick flick of the reset button and once it booted back up it's been fine ever since.
  14. Ex58 UD4P No Sound

    Thanks for the link, but it looks like it's all in Greek? Appears to go to some sort of sign up page when try download file too but can't understand a word of it.
  15. Ex58 UD4P No Sound

    Hi All, Kakewalk install to Lion. Everything working great including App Store. Only drama is no sound. I have searched high and low and tried a few different next updates but can't seem to get sound working still? Any suggestions would be appreciated