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  1. hi, I have this problem and it happens on all my hackintosh, 2 desktop and 1 laptop. I just tested FaceTime after i updated them all to 10.8.4. I have no problems login in with iMessage, iCloud, facetime, app store but the problem is facetime crashes while connecting a call. Anybody? Thanks in advance.
  2. Magic Trackpad.

    hi, has anyone tested it on os x lion? I am planning to buy one also but am not sure if gestures would work on os x lion. thanks.
  3. hi, i am planning to buy a magic trackpad and wired keyboard. How did you setup the magic trackpad? do I have to buy a blue tooth dongle separately for the magic trackpad? I am running os x lion gm (tonymac method). thanks
  4. many thanks to you . I was able to create my own dsdt and everything works. my specs. asus p5kpl-am se core 2 quad 8400 2 500gb sata hd 2 gb ddr2 800 1 ide dvdwriter nvidia 8800gt 512 mb
  5. hi, just a follow-up on my dsdt. I was able to create my own dsdt by using macloader sl kit from this site http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=183751 , now everything works , shutdown, restart and sleep. Thanks rich for starting this thread.
  6. hi rich, I followed your suggestions and replace my ps2 keyboard with a usb one and removed the kext I added . I repeated the installation but still, sleep and shutdown does not work. If I press sleep I can no longer wake the pc. If I shutdown the pc won't power off by itself. One thing that I notice in my procedure. I had to install chameleon first in my snow drive before installing snow. the reason is "waiting package receipt" just sits there indefinitely. What if I compile my own DSDT will it help? coz our mobo's are not 100% identical. I have a P5KPL-AM SE while you have a P5KPL-AM.But I have to learn first coz i don't know anything about dsdt. hope you could still help. thanks raul
  7. hi, thanks for your quick reply. I was able to solve it . I installed kext files (voodoops2controller and appleacpips2nub) which I got from this forum and put them in extra/extensions folder and have installed the drivers you have included and added efi strings using osxtools for my graphics card. everything is working except sleep and shutdown. (will try to look for answers in this forum) My specs are: Asus P5kpl-am se core 2 quad 8400 2 gb ddr2 512 mb 8800gt dvd ide drive 2 500 gb sata ( 1 for 10.5.8 and the other for snow) All I can say is thanks very much for this quide. Will try to update it to 10.6.1 and see if it works . just one more question, your last line in this quide says: 'Also remember to edit PlatformUUID to include your own UUID from the Snow leopard Partition' How do I go about doing this? thanks again. raul
  8. hi, I was able to install everything but when it is time to boot the snow system " it says that I don't have a keyboard connected ". How do I fix this. thanks very much.