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  1. Apple Software Update

    Anyone?? I did this and now cannot boot. I just keep getting the Darwin text screen followed by a reboot and then back to the Darwin text screen and on and on ... Not sure if my booting problems are related to the software upgrade ...
  2. The second part of your first post worked great for my Dell 4600C. I spent 2 days screwing around with ktext files and stubled across your post. Had it fixed in 20 seconds! THANKS!!!
  3. dvon > what options did you select? I've got a similar PC (4600C) and can't seem to get the right settings.
  4. Stuck at a screen while booting

    So, what happened?? I've got the same desktop and having the same problem. I've been trying different combinations of options and will let you know if I finally get the right combo. I also tried the paperclips inn the VGA cable, but that didn't work.